Met police employ forgetful “super recognisers” to hunt down criminals


A police officer, believed to be from London’s Metropolitan police, has confirmed his role in the MET police as a ‘SUPER RECOGNISER‘ after stopping a man who the officer claims to ‘recognise his face’.


After stopping the innocent man, the superhero officer tells him he is a ‘super recogniser’ and recognises his face from somewhere but then says he forgets where (after losing his superpowers).  Maybe the man he stopped had a chunk of Kryptonite in his pocket to thwart this superhero in his tracks.

The officer tells the man;

I have seen you somewhere else, definitely.  I am really good with a face, I am a SUPER RECOGNISER, so I am one of those people who is good with faces, and somehow I have forgot where I know your face from.

The man politely replies;

Well you’re obviously not that good with faces then are you.

The officer then continues to interrogate the man who confirms he is currently taking legal action against the police which is more likely the reason this police officer has stopped him to harass him.

Witnesses reported that after the incident, the officer ripped his shirt open while running to the nearest phone box, after a quick spin, he flew off to harras his next victim.


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