Norfolk police CHARGE an innocent person for articles I created on this website

I am truly gob smacked!  A female who I will refer to (and have previously referred to) as Angela has been criminally charged for allegedly encouraging or enticing me to create articles… what a load of bollocks, and the bent cops of Norfolk police know this!

Angela, who is the true victim here, reported her ex-partner, DS Matthew Abbs of Norfolk police and his now wife, ex-Superintendent Amie Abbs of Norfolk police  for breaching Covid-19 guidelines which put Angela’s daughter (with Matthew Abbs), in harms way.  Amie Abbs was a serving police officer at all material times.

This is a lot like the Covid scandal in No. 10, shrouded in lies and different rules for the police!

Since this time, Angela has been the victim, actually no, she has been the TARGET of Norfolk police in what appears to be a ‘how dare you challenge us‘ stance!

I am aware that Amie Abbs has claimed that she left her position in the police and blames this on the the articles that I wrote!

I would disagree based on the following facts.

Amie Abbs was a Chief Inspector of Norfolk police.

The articles that I wrote were written early in 2021.

Late in 2021 (confirmed in November 21) Aime Abbs was promoted to Acting Superintendent of Norfolk police.

A little research of public records show that Amie Louise Abbs had formed a Limited Company on 6 January 2020 called STARLIGHT GLOBAL LTD, company Number 12386961.

Amie is listed as a Director of that Company with her occupation listed as a ‘Consultant‘.

Amie is listed as one of two people with ‘significant control‘ of the said Company.

The company was formed with only TWO shares, one per Director, therefore Amie Abbs was a 50% share holder.

It is worthy of note that this was prior to any of the factual articles I published.

As a serving police officer, especially of such a senior rank,  Amie would need the direct permission from the Chief Constable to have any interest in another business, especially as a 50% shareholder and Director of a profitable Limited Company where she has significant interest.

On the 17th November 2021, which was about the same time as it was confirmed (via 101) that Amie Abbs was now an acting Superintendent of Norfolk police, has formed another Limited Company LOVE LIVE LTD, appointing herself as a Director, this time, her occupation is ‘Company Director‘ and again with significant interest.

Amie Abbs was a 50% shareholder and Company Director of TWO Limited companies, all while serving as a Superintendent of Norfolk police.

I believe it reasonable to think that Amie Abbs actually left the police to embark on a private enterprise, started in 2020 had had nothing to do with my articles and I will stick my neck out and say that Amie Abbs is trying to blame perfectly factual articles, my articles, to cases as much harm as possible to Angela.

Ask yourself, why would Amie take on a promotion to Superintendent when she had intended to leave… I would hazard a guess that it was to top up her pension or to add a little ‘shine’ to her C.V. before embarking on a private venture?

I would find it incredibly difficult to believe that the Chief Constable of Norfolk police allowed a senior ranking officer to have ‘significant interest’ in a private business venture especially when the businesses in question relates to events management, events that would require a ‘police presence’ and may be licensed to sell alcohol.

The following question was asked on a public forum ‘Are serving UK Police officers allowed to also run their own business?‘, a police officer responded with the following:

Short answer no.  They can apply to their Chief Constable to have a second job or business. This is governed by strict policy and cannot conflict in any way with their duties. So running or working in licenced premises would be a no go. The time doing these extra curricular activities is also strictly limited. The person involved must always put duty first and not allow their business interest to impinge on this. There all sorts of other considerations such as business associates, tax implications, work life balance etc. In all honesty the job is pretty knackering (we don’t get to sleep on nights like fire fighters) and I don’t know of many who would have energy to focus on anything outside of their job

So, it will be interesting to see how this trial pans out, and I intend to give live evidence at this trial.

I created the articles, no one encourage or enticed me to create them, I created them because, that is what I do.  I sniff out bent cops and out them in public interest.  This is Norfolk police attempt to stop me by targeting an innocent person. How low can a police force go.  The police have ONE duty, to protect the public.

Fortunately, I was able to secure representation from one of the UK’s leading Action Against Police solicitors who are waiting to bring what will be a rather large and public civil claim against the Norfolk police.

Norfolk police have been asked for their comments.

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