Norfolk PSD appologise for a delay in recording a complaint. The delay led to a female being arrested

A formal complaint made against DS Matthew Abbs of Norfolk police alleging he, (or someone acting on his behalf) unlawfully accessed our website, in breach of the Computer Misuse Act 1990,

The complaint has not been acknowledged by Norfolk PSD in almost 3 weeks.

The allegation is covered in my previous article here.  The offence, if proven, could result in a prison sentence of 12 months.

Furthermore, the delay in recording the complaint could be argued that it caused (knowingly or otherwise) to have protected DS Abbs and allowing him to pursue a further course of conduct against his ex-partner who we refer to as Angela.

DS Abbs
DS Abbs

DS Abbs has made numerous false allegations that articles written on this website are by his ex-partner.  We have notified Norwich police by email that this is not true and that all articles are written by us, lawfully and contemporaneously.

We discovered an unlawful access to our website on the 1st April.  the breach occurred on the 26th March.  At the time we discovered it, the breach had already been covered up.

Due to circumstances surrounding this breach, we have genuine reasons to believe that DS Abbs is involved, namely, he was in receipt of some of the breached data.

The complaint was recorded via the IOPC website, we received an automatic acknowledgement from the IOPC to say it was delivered to Norfolk PSD.

After two weeks without any contact at all  so it was again reported directly to Norfolk PSD on the 14th April.  Again, an automatic reply was received, again, we received no other contact from Norfolk PSD about this.

During this time, DS Matthew Abbs, (the subject of my complaint), made a groundless allegation against Angela, this led to her being arrested and her home searched.

The allegation made by DS Abbs has been demonstrated to be false within the content of my complaint and within other acknowledge communication.  This information was completely disregarded by Norfolk police and Angela was arrested on suspicion of offences she had not committed.

After Angela was arrested and while in police custody, I published an article. This proves she could have not created that article.  Even this article was presented to her in interview, highlighting how stupid the police really are.

Her solicitor even asked the interviewing officers to confirm that Angela was in a cell when the article I created was published.  I understand that the police sheepishly agreed.

Due to the failure of Norfolk PSD to respond to my complaint, I contacted the IOPC and reported them for failing to record the complaint.

This was my letter sent to the IOPC, sent on 19th April in relation to the first complaint made via the IOPC website on the 1st April.

Dear IOPC.

I made this complaint on 1st April 2021 and have not had any acknowledgement from the police.

I have since raised it directly with them on the 14th April 2021.  They have still not acknowledged it.

On the 13/4/2021, in respect of my complaint and the conduct of the police towards [Angela] *****, I wrote an email to the police explaining to them how I am the author of several articles relating to DS Abbs.

I explained how [Angela] has no involvement in them.

On 17 April, [Angela] was arrested.  This was again for an article that I CREATED.  I had notified them of this on the 14th April.

She had no involvement whatsoever, the police are well aware of this. 

The article is factual and contemporaneous.  The police were offered a right to reply, and accepted.

Norfolk police are ignoring my complaint against Abbs, they are disproportionately following falsified allegations by Matthew Abbs against [Angela].

[Angela] has reported Matthew Abbs for stalking her and he has a string of domestic abuse allegations.  She has a witness to the stalking, yet, so far, Matthew Abs has not been questioned/arrested.

Even in light of this serious allegation against him, he is still making easily disproved allegations against her.

This is disproportionate policing and a malicious (unlawful) arrest and search of her home.

She was released, NO CHARGE.


Today, 20th April, the IOPC responded.

Dear Mr *******,

Thank you for contacting the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC). We acknowledge receipt of your email dated 19 April 2021, regarding your recent complaint against Norfolk Constabulary.

Upon receipt of your email I contacted Norfolk Constabulary’s Professional Standards Department (PSD) to ascertain the current status of the complaint you submitted to them on 01 April 2021.

The PSD have requested that I pass on their apologies to you for the delay to their response. They have explained that this is due to them currently experiencing an extremely high levels of complaints. The PSD aim to respond to you within the next 72 hours.

Should you wish to contact PSD directly, I have provided their contact details below:

Norfolk Constabulary
Professional Standards
Falconers Chase
NR18 0WW
Tel: 101

Norfolk police say they are experiencing a high level of complaints (no surprise there) and this is the reason for their delay.

They did however, find the time to respond to the IOPC within 24 hours.

My complaint to Norfolk police will be made public as it is of public interest.



  1. This is the same year that I was querying with the police, why I was falsely accused of something that had never happened. My queries were never dealt with, or investigated & ended up with the Norfolk PSD . What an absolute farce that was. All they did was send a reply back saying that I had received a reasonable, proportionate & an appropriate response but to what?, to which particular query ? What did they answer? Nothing at all! My “complaint” progressed through right to the Norfolk Commissioners office, where a woman some weeks later just churned out a very similar response, nearly identical word for word, strange that! Collusion & cover ups?, you bet there is.

  2. It was on Cambridgeshire local radio that harassment and stalking complaints and arrests recorded by cambs police has increased exponentially over the last Yr. Cambs police have pursued an aggressive stance on harassment and stalking for the last few years against certain people using Facebook and other sm platforms , whilst neglecting other crimes against others. Disproportionate and lazy policing at its finest.

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