North West Blood Bike charity committee ‘close ranks’ to protect ex Lancashire police officer chairman

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After the North West Blood Bikes charity committee chairman, Paul Brooks, JP, breached the charity constitution, a formal complaint was raised against him in line with the charity constitution for complaints.  It was addressed to the committee members and it was requested to be forwarded to the trustees.

North West Blood Bike charity committee

After being told by Lee Townsend, the ‘vice chairman of the North West Blood Bike charity committee, that he would investigate and get back to me by close of business on 24th May 2018,  I received an email from Lee Townsend just after midday of the 24th saying:

Further to my previous email, I have looked into the matters you raise in considerable detail and taken legal advice and I must inform you that no further communication will be entered into.

I was unsure what he meant?  Was that the end of the complaint process? (before it even started) or, was he not going to communicate any further with me pending an investigation?  (as per the charity constitution)

Why would he seek ‘legal advice‘, and why would that legal advice say to ‘cut communication’ with the complainant in light of the allegations which include data breaches and theft.

I decided to call him to find out…

Lee did not seem to like the fact that I called him, however he did reluctantly speak to me and divulged some questionable information.

Firstly, my first thought was correct.  Lee told me that ‘that was it‘, nothing more will be done! (Close Ranks!)

This was the first mistake, as the constitution is a legally binding document that Registered charities must conform to. (I have spoken in depth with the Charity Commission who confirmed this).

The Charity Commission clearly stated that convictions are not precluded for charity workers or volunteers!  The only exception would be such things a fraud or money laundering convictions against charity trustees. Well, I am neither a trustee or have such a serious conviction!

The only other stipulation is that, if the North West Blood Bike charity would like no volunteers with any convictions, they must clearly state that in the constitution so it applies equally to all volunteers, trustees and committee members.  There is no such entry in the constitution. Lee made it clear on the call they any conviction at all is a very serious breach…

I assume the constitution will now be modified and that all members members must be DBS checked before volunteering their time, motorcycle with associated running costs to this needy charity?

So, the big question is:

Why did the charity make such a ‘rash decision’ to dismiss me without any notice and without following the formal process of their published constitution?

North West Blood Bike charity committeeWell, the answer is simple.  The North West Blood Bikes Chairman is Paul Brooks, JP who is an ex Lancashire police officer and within his rather ‘blunt‘ dismissal email from him, not them committee, he made it clear he did not like my online campaign for justice against the police.

What strikes me as more unusual, Lee Townsend made it clear that, there was committee meeting (prior to me being notified) , and the decision was made to dismiss me by the committee members.  Two breaches in one!

The constitution clearly states:

Any infraction of the rules of the Group or of any breach of the regulations laid down from time to time shall be brought to the notice of the Committee and Executive Committee, who shall thereupon inquire into and adjudicate upon the complaint


So, the complaint should be brought to the committee as stipulated in the constitution 11(d) who should then ‘inquire into and adjudicate upon the complaint‘.

The constitution goes on to say:

The Committee in writing shall inform any member who is alleged to have committed any infraction or breach as above. They are entitled to make representation, either in person or by writing, with regard thereto. They may tender, and the Committee may call for, any evidence relevant to the matter

A very simple process to follow you would think?

Well, apparently, the ex Lancashire police officer, Paul Brooks JP still thinks he is above ‘the law/rules’.

For the record, I received a conviction at approximately 12:30 on 3rd May 2018, yet, Paul Brooks was somehow notified after this time, and apparently then called a committee meeting who all participated in a decision that breaches the constitution, the decision was reached by the committee, a letter was then written and emailed to me by 14:53 on the same day.  Less than 2.5 hours.  This excludes the time between the verdict was given and someone making an effort to call the court for the result and sending it to Paul Brooks JP.

This is, in my honest opinion, bullshit.  I believe that Lee Townsend has told some ‘porkie pies‘ to cover for his mate, Paul Brooks, JP  Either way, the constitution was breached, either by Paul Brooks alone, or by all committee members.  Will all committee members back Paul Brooks and tarnish their own reputations?  Time will tell.

The constitution then states:

“In the event of an immediate and serious incident (real or alleged) the member may be suspended immediately pending the outcome of any investigation into the alleged or real incident

The constitution makes it crystal clear that even if the incident is ‘serious‘ then the volunteer ‘may be suspended‘, there is NO mention that any member should be or can be dismissed without any notice and without any right to appeal.  Paul Brooks made this decision himself.

Lee Townsend categorically stated that the charity disallows anyone with a conviction!    Really, well, then if it is that ‘set in stone’, then why is it not in the constitution.  Simple, because, they are making the rules up as they go along to suit their own purpose.

Not only that, my complaint relates to Data Breaches.  Paul Brooks, JP and ex Lancashire police officer, communicated with a vile man name Darren Hogan (aka, Darren Velasquez)  about me before and after the ‘dismissal’.  It is clear that Darren Hogan contacted the charity referring to me.  This is against a Court Restraining Order, stopping Darren Hogan from making any reference to me.


So, Paul Brooks, JP and ex Lancashire Police officer, has passed my personal details to Darren Hogan. Breaching the data protection act.  This was posted to the Facebook page of Darren Hogan (Velasquez).

Looking at the screenshot posted by Darren Hogan (aka Velasquez),  Hogan and Paul Brooks were happily discussing me both before and after the dismissal.  Paul Brooks JP is a Magistrates of all things conspiring with a convict.


Hogan even goes on to say on his personal Facebook page that he is going to volunteer to be a blood bike rider ‘because of his actions‘ (getting a blood bike volunteer rider dismissed).  A clear admission that he breached his restraining order and contacted a charity I volunteered for.

Ironically, Hogan has pleased guilty for harassment against my family and has a restraining order.  Th order was even doubled by magistrates on a few weeks ago due to his persistence and to top it all, he has since been charged with breaching his restraining order and in court on the 25th May 2018.

There is also evidence that Hogan is alleged to have criminal cautions for child abuse, child neglect and domestic violence.

Odd how a ‘respectable‘ Justice of the peace and ex-police officer appears to have conspired with a sicko like Hogan to have a volunteer dismissed.



So even reporting a Data Breach, I was told by Lee Townsend, the Vice Chairman of North West Blood Bikes that they will not communicate with me.  They have been reported to the ICO.  The North West Blood Bikes, deliver’confidential’ medical notes for patients, yet, breach the data of their own volunteers and when questioned, ‘close ranks’!

Finally, North West Blood Bikes owe me money for my fuel.  I am entitled to claim for my fuel and every request for my fuel claim has been ignored.  This is theft.

It is funny how low some Lancashire police officers and ex-officers, will stoop.

I will not let this drop.  A formal complaint has been provided to the trustees and I am awaiting their response…

The Vice Chairman, Lee Townsend has been asked for a comment regarding this post.

I fully support the right to reply.  Any member can respond to this post or contact me directly.


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