OAP assaulted by Colne ‘thug’ doorman yet Police refuse to charge

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A 70+ year old pensioner was assaulted by a doorman in a pub in Colne.



The OAP was having a drink in his local pub when the girlfriend of a Colne town councillor approached him, held his hand while chatting to him.

When the town Councillor saw his girlfriend chatting to the OAP, he dragged his girlfriend away.  The OAP jokingly said to the Councillor, “it’s ok I’m not chattering her up“.  This angered the councillor who then started shouting abuse at the pensioner.

The pub licensee noticed there was a disruption, and simply instructed one of her paid doormen to sort it out.

The doorman told the councillor to move out of the way, this ended the argument.

Not happy with that, the doorman then told the pensioner to leave the premises.  The pensioner was shocked at this and asked why, as he had done nothing wrong and still had an unfinished drink.  The doorman gave no explanation and just grabbed the pensioner and forced him backwards over 20 yards across the pub causing injury to the pensioners spine requiring medical treatment.

This is an unlawful use of force that amounts to a battery or even ABH due to the injuries sustained.

“A battery is committed when a person intentionally and recklessly applies unlawful force to another.



Doormen do not have a right to assault you, the law is very clear on this.

Bouncers are not entitled to engage in the use of force unless they are first threatened with physical harm. Thus, unless they are approached with physical threats of harm, bouncers are not entitled to:

  • Strike a patron with a punch or kick
  • Push or physically throw a person out of the establishment
  • Restrain them in a choke holds, “joint locks”, or other techniques
  • Use weapons or pepper spray


The incident was reported to the police however the licensee lied to police about the incident even saying there was no CCTV which was later acquired via a legal request from a solicitor.  The CCTV shows the assault clearly and more importantly, the pensioners ‘lack of action’ during his visit to the pub.

The police were notified of the CCTV which clearly shows an assault (‘a battery’) on the pensioner and the unnecessary forced used.

Even so, the police refused to bring any charges.  It is unsure why Lancashire police have refused to take action when clear evidence is available in the form of clear CCTV.  The police even told the victim that there was NO CCTV of the incident.

The CCTV show a clear use of force (assault).  It is for the doorman to prove reasonable force was used.


This is not the first time Lancashire police have refused to bring charges from ABH

The pensioner believes the licensee deliberately targeted the pensioner as he had objected to a late night license in the beer garden.


More information on this assault here https://bat-justice2u.tumblr.com/




  1. all was observed by the Pendle Cllr yet stated in legal signed statement he never witnessed the incident, he’s no man he is a bloody coward’

  2. By definition, this IS a battery and IS a crime. He(the doorman) has to prove lawful justification for this assault, this cannot be described as ‘just doing his job’, as his ‘job’ is NOT assaulting people.

    The reason the police will not do anything is because this is NOT in their interests. It IS most certainly in the public’s interest but police will avoid investigating the door man as they are kind of on the same side and if police brought charges against this blubbery prick, then he and other doormen would not help police when police need them. STALE MATE.

    Another example of police using their powers for their own self interest and NOT to protect the public!

  3. the doorman never even give me a chance to walk out of the pub I am in my seventies half blind what threat could i possibly be ?


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