One rule for Lancashire police, another for the rest

Lancashire police didn’t like posts on this website created by Paul Ponting as many of the posts referred to certain police as idiots, some accused certain police of perverting the course of justice, and many accused police of lying and receipt based on real experiences.  All in all, Mr Ponting was expressing his own views on certain police who wronged him.

Mr Ponting has been targeted and victimised by Lancashire police over the past 8 years (for outing a Police Informant).  Even though he has been awarded almost £50,000 in compensation from Lancashire police for their wrongdoing, not one single police officer has ever been held to account.  Even the Police and Crime Commissioners ‘turned a blind eye’, clearly they had no respect for a innocent man, and instead, chose to protect a police snitch.

So Mr Ponting took to blogging his views.

Lancashire Police hated this but did not charge Mr Ponting with harassment, which is suspicious as Chief Inspector Ian Jones told the civil court, (on oath), that the views of Mr Ponting were “the most harassing thing he has ever witnessed“, yet, they did not charge him.

Lancashire police instead sought a civil injunction to stop Mr Ponting his expressing his own views of the police that wronged him even though Mr Ponting maintains his views are protected under 10 of the Human Rights Act 1998.  Lancashire police claimed that his views breached the officer’s Article 8: Respect for your private and family life even though every article was about police officers’ conduct in their roles as police officers.

In a glaring turn of events, Mr Ponting since made a complaint to the police that a malicious website, created by a nasty man called George Vella of Churchfield Road, Bedfordshire, was grossly offensive.

George Vella – Website Author

The website created by George Vella maliciously labelled Mr Ponting a paedophile and made all sorts of sickening child accusations against him, his family and his friends, even imitating Mr Ponting’s elderly mother.  All George Vella’s sickening allegations are of course false, which also adds to the Ingredients of the Malicious Communications Act.

Lancashire police refused to record the complaint, as they have their own set of rules.

Inspector 2868 Danny Clough said (in reference to Mr Vella’s website)

“The content appears to be the authors point of view intertwined with fact.  This is protected under Article 10 of the Human Rights Act 1988 – “everyone has the right to freedom of speech.

So, Lancashire police allow Mr Vella to express his sickening false views but do not allow Mr Ponting to give his views of alleged corrupt police officers.

Please Support Mr Ponting is a Crowd Justice campaign to Challenge Lancashire police

(campaign begins today at 5pm (12.5.2022)

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