Operation Malaya – Complaint against the Chief Constable

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A formal complaint has been made against Andy Rhodes, the Chief Constable of Lancashire after after discovery of Operation Malaya which was setup to ‘frame me‘ and ‘take me down‘, a formal complaint has been made against the Chief Constable of Lancashire police for his involvement in allowing or authorising this to take place.

Operation Malaya is understood to be a task force setup because I have spoken publicly about a Police Informant called Paul Turner who police protected from prosecution after Turner provided evidence to help police convict Colin Pritchard.

This complaint against the Chief Constable via the Police and Crime Commissioner Clive Grunshaw’s office who has acknowledged the complaint and will brush it under the carpet deal with it in due course.

It has been reported that this sensitive and confidential information regarding me and Operation Malaya has been sent to a man named George Vella from Bedfordshire who has passed this information around and is using it for malicious reasons.

George Vella spoke of his knowledge of this in an open court in the West Midlands telling the District Judge all about it.

All future communication will be published in the public interest.



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