Operation MALAYA – illegal Lancashire police task force

Operation Malaya

Information is slowly but steadily being collated about Operation Malaya.  This is allegedly a task force, created by Lancashire police with the sole aim to ‘TAKE ME DOWN’ as it has been publicly stated.  Freedom of Information and Subject Access requests have been made as well as a formal complaint against the Chief Constable, Andy Rhodes.

I was first informed of Operation Malaya a couple of years ago, just after a time when two people were convicted of harassment against myself and my wife.

I have been the target of harassment for over 5 years, all stemmed from when I reported a man, Paul Turner, from Skelmersdale, who threatened to kill my wife and children.  Turner was a known Police Informant and played a significant role in the conviction in a local drug dealer named Colin Pritchard from Skelmersdale.  Turner is was of significant value to Lancashire police and hence, Lancashire police took no action against him for the offences he was reported for.

Like any parent, I was disgusted how police failed to take action with threats against my children and even more infuriated why they chose to defend a man simply because he was a snitch.  This is where we decided to stand up against Lancashire police and fight for justice.

What followed was years of attackers against me, many too disgusting to even publish here but suffice to say, Lancashire police took NO ACTION against my attackers.

West Midlands Attacks

In 2017, two men from the West Midlands ‘joined in’ the attacks like a couple of school yard bullies.  Links have been discovered between these two men (and their associates) and Paul Turner.  These men made malicious publications about me, similar to the publications made against me by Paul Turner.  I knew that West Midland Police were the police force who would deal with this incident so I went DIRECT TO THEM, I bypassed Lancashire police completely.

Initially, West Midlands told me I must report it to Lancashire police who would then refer it to them, but I refused, telling them I had a long standing issue with Lancashire police and felt I could not trust them.  I insisted that I deal direct with West Midlands and they agreed to send two police officers to me, completely bypassing Lancashire police.  This resulted in immediate charges being brought against the two men and two convictions for what they did to me.  Both in fact, pleaded guilty.  The SAME offences committed by Paul Turner who Lancashire police did nothing about.

Task Force to ‘TAKE ME DOWN

Since these men have been convicted for their attacks on me, Lancashire police have approached them  in the the West Midlands and, from information that has been gathered, conspired with them to ‘TAKE ME DOWN’.  Lancashire police, headed by an Inspector Danby, created a task force, recently confirmed in open court by George Vella to be named Operation Malaya.  It seems that George Vella has ‘privy information’ from this secret task force that he ‘claims’ was emailed to him by accident!  Now, how could police ‘accidentally’ email George Vella with such a secret and confidential email?  Either Lancashire police are thick as shit, or George Vella is working with the police (both are equally plausible)

Inspector Danby sent a team of allegedly 20 Lancashire police officers, including forensic officers to go to the West Midlands and work with these people to frame me. These are not my words, these are the words of people who have provided me with evidence.

This operation was known by Superintendent Eddie Thistlethwaite, who provided confirmation in a letter to my wife and I.  Bullet pointing the facts of Inspector Danby’s involvement.  Supt Thistlethwaite was specially appointed to work with me and my wife by the Chief Constable of Lancashire police with a view to ‘resolving our differences’.   It transpired that the real intention was to have this website removed (UKCorruptPolice.COM) as it was a serious problem for Lancashire police.

Supt Thistlethwaite confirmed in the recorded meetings, that there was nothing illegal about any content on this website, but certain content was extremely damaging to Lancashire police.  There is a safe and secure recorded conversation that would show that the police had a real motive to shut me down!

Supt Thistlethwaite has since left Lancashire police.

Since Operation Malaya has been in place,  I have been the victim of further attacks from the men in the West Midlands.    West Midlands police will now no longer talk to me, saying that all reports must go through Lancashire police?   Obviously, when I do this, the result is a dead end and Lancashire police via Inspector Jolly say NFA.

Both men from the West Midlands have published information about Operation Malaya.  One has posted emails from Inspector Jolly and Inspector Danby emailed directly to him, as recently as March 22nd 19. Both emails ‘masked’ to hide certain information, one has my name on it but partially masked.

Even though this is a direct breach of a restraining order, and clearly relates to me, especially as one of the emails originates from Inspector Adrian Jolly, this was reviewed by Lancashire police (in fact, reviewed by Inspector Jolly) and it was said to acceptable to publish (i.e., not a breach of the restraining order).

George Vella

This is a man who runs an anti-police facebook group on Facebook called Police Corruption and Wrongdoing.  He is a man full of hate and has previous convictions for robbing post offices.  He lives in Bedfordshire.  Check the facebook group, he has my photograph plastered all over it.  Why would he put this in an anti police facebook group?  Is he trying to see me harmed even though he knows I am fighting the police.  Why would he help police take me down.

George Vella has a serious problem with me, some say it is jealousy, some say hate (read on)  for my recent success in suing Lancashire police to the tune of £35,000.  Due to this, George spat his dummy and started making ridiculous comments about me and even trying to advise me on law relating to my case against police.  His advice was to ‘ignore my solicitors advice, and ignore any offers and go to court‘.  Advice like this is dangerous and could see you losing your house to cover legal fees of the defendant. (read articles on Part 36 offers in Civil procedures).  This advice given by George Vella would be advantageous to police, not the claimant. Suspicious…

Articles were posted about George, showing others that his advice was dangerous and in another instance, a man claimed he was imprisoned after taking advice given by George Vella.  If true, this advice was advantageous to the police.

George Vella is linked to the associates of the two convicted men from the West Midlands.  George Vella has been in direct contact with Inspector Jolly and other Lancashire police officers.  This is by the admissions and publications made by George Vella on his anti police facebook group.

George Vella reported me to the police for ‘harassment’ over the above posts discussing the legal advice by Vella, and Lancashire police were swift to arrest me…  No charges were brought but this showed me how easy it was for someone to have me arrested of false allegations of harassment.  Maybe police were warning me to leave Vella alone?

George Vella has also made an intentional false statement to his cult followers, saying he never gave police a statement to try to get me convicted.  Oh, really, well, what are these two statements hand written and signed by George Vella.  both statements were made during Operation Malaya.  These statements led to me being arrested and my house raided… no charges brought though.  Police were looking for my evidence I had on them.

I reported George Vella to Lancashire police some pretty horrific comments he made about me.  But Lancashire police said they are taking NO ACTION against him.  George Vella has repeatedly, even as recent as April 2019, posted malicious articles about me in his Police Corruption and Wrongdoing Facebook group.  A group that has nothing to do with me but has numerous ‘announcements’ all about me.  I wonder why he would do this.  Is he trying to harm me after successfully suing the police?

Why would a man, supposedly fighting Police Corruption and Wrongdoing, be so determined, to derail me for my genuine actions against police?

George Vella has since posted a comment that says he has confidential information about Lancashire police task force,  Operation Malaya.    It is clear that George Vella has spat his dummy out again as he has made a derogatory comment about Inspector Jolly of Lancashire police and then publicly declared his knowledge of Operation Malaya.    This is seen by many as letting Lancashire police know he will reveal the information in his hands to the right people.  George Vella said he will provide this information to Solicitors if requested.  Sounds like the words of a whistleblower… or is this an attempt to blackmail Lancashire police?

George Vella has also been reported to police for blackmailing a person into reporting me for an offence I have not committed.   The person Vella blackmailed has posted a comment confirming that George Vella tried to blackmail him, a serious allegation, but Lancashire police have taken no action (to date).

It is a little shocking why George Vella has such a desperation to get the police to arrest me or assist police in arresting me, and now the fact George Vella has admitted his knowledge of a ‘secret’ police operation named Operation Malaya, to frame me, does make you wonder about George Vella and his connections to the police.  After all, George Vella IS a convicted criminal from many years ago, ‘Clearing out post offices‘ was the crime he admitted to and was given 5 years in prison.  It does make you wonder if Vella is an informant himself with his connections to police and people who have a significant issues with police.  Is he hiding in plain sight as the admin of an ‘anti-police Facebook group?

In a recent court hearing which involved George Vella, George Vella said to the judge, that ‘Even Lancashire police have set up a task force called Operation Malaya to get Mr xxxxxxx“… how would George Vella have this information.

Neil Wilkes

This is the side kick of George Vella.  He is another admin of the Facebook group, Police Corruption and Wrongdoing.  He is a close friend of the two men convicted of harassment and a friend of Vella.  Neil Wilkes is also aware of Operation Malaya and suspected as being a part of it.  He certainly spoke with knowledge about it in court.

Neil Wilkes made some horrific allegations against me, same as those his friends were convicted for, but Lancashire police said NFA.  The comments would see any other persons arrested and charged with Malicious Communications.  But no, not someone who says it against me.  Neil Wilkes even sent a message via Facebook to me with the most grossly offensive material any man could hear and also threatening the come and attack me and NO FURTHER ACTION by Lancashire police.

Such an obvious and calculated task force called Operation Malaya that has been in operation for at least 3 years involving dozens of Lancashire police officers and members of the public (now police assets for their role in this).  This is in the open and a number of freedom of Information requests have been made as well a Subject Access Requests.   There is media interest and some requests are under their direction.

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