Operation Malaya, Tanya Brazil & Lancashire police conspiracy

This information has been provided to me in good faith and published in the public interest.

There have been rumours flying around over the last few years of a secret police operation called Operation Malaya.

The is a task force set up by Lancashire police to ‘take me down‘.

They want to Take Me Down for publishing the truth about Lancashire police for protecting a police Informant called Paul turner and allowing this Informant to attack me and my family.

Darren Hogan and Hugh Abercrombie were both convicted by West Midlands police for harassment and malicious communications against my wife and I.  This entire investigation was done completely bypassing Lancashire police, due to this, both pleaded guilty and were sentenced.

Since their conviction, Lancashire police have been in contact with these two and a few of their acquaintances. The sole reason was to get them drafted in to help Lancashire police with their operation to take me down.  Lancashire police know that these offenders would help them now knowing they both had a grudge.

The plot thickens

After Hogan was given a restraining order he continued to post malicious comments about us.  Lancashire police did nothing to help us in fact, you could see they were ‘turning a blind eye’.  We had to report everything via Lancashire police now and you will gather, Lancashire police detest me and my family..

In January 2018, I received a lot a shit from a FB account named Tanya Brazil.  Lots of sick and threatening messages, comments, sick reviews, Facebook posts.  Lancashire police refused to help.

Eventually, I was contacted by this Tanya Brazil Facebook account and a long conversation took place.  It was obvious to me this was Darren Hogan who had a restraining order, this was reported to the police.

A police officer named Danny Gardner ran a cycomms check (IP trace) and discovered it was LINKED to Darren Hogan.

He did not say exactly how, but as it was linked , HOGAN was charged.  CPS dropped the case saying Hogan will deny it and they cannot prove he was the person typing blah blah.  Lancashire police did NOT do any IP checks on any of the other Tanya Brazil comments.   These, as you will see, may well have linked to Lancashire police officers themselves!

No Cycom application was done on the dozens of other Tanya Brazil posts and still to this day Lancashire police refuse to even acknowledge the posts.  Why?  Danny Gardner was the officer who did the initial checks, since then he will not contact us, since then he has been promoted to CID… jobs for the boys.


The below screenshot is from Wolverhampton BJJ, mostly likely written by Hugh Abercrombie, the owner.

The club has stated that Lancashire police sent 20+ police to the West Midlands to speak to them regarding Operation Malaya.  Hugh Abercrombie has said that the Tanya Brazil account was in fact setup for Lancashire police….



  • So, is it Lancashire police sending me and my wife these threatening messages?

  • Is this why Lancashire police have refused to investigate or get IP addresses?


Lots more information to follow.


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