Operation Malaya – The plot thickens Clive Grunshaw confirms existence

Andy Rhodes and Clive Grunshaw
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After discovering that Lancashire police had started a Task force called Operation Malaya to ‘FRAME ME’, I made a number of enquiries to authenticate this, one being via the Police and Crime Commissioner, Clive Grunshaw.

I have received an email from Clive Grunshaw’s Office confirming that Operation Malaya was setup on 13th June 2017 by Lancashire police.

Strangely, Lancashire police have involved a number of unsavoury individuals in this malicious task force, namely, people who have been convicted for attacking me, Darren Hogan and Hugh Abercrombie.

Also involved is a vile old man called George Vella who has continued to attack me in his anti-police Facebook group.  Odd that this police hater works with police to frame someone who campaigns against corrupt police..!  George Vella even attempted to blackmail someone to report me for an offence I did not commit.

Clive Grunshaw (who has previously investigated for fraud) is highly defending the Chief Constable from being involved in this matter.

Ian Dickinson who works for Clive Grunshaw stated that he made preliminary investigations by asking the Chief Constable’s office if the Chief Constable was involved in this potentially criminal task force.  The Chief Constables office ‘assures the crime commissioner that they would have had no knowledge‘ denying any involvement.   Clive Grunshaw has therefore decided he will not take any action against the Chief Constable as of course, how could you argue with such a concrete defence by the Chief Constables office… (irony intended)

How lucky I am that Clive Grunshaw undertook such a thorough investigation. (further irony intended)

Clive Grunshaw has also said “I have not been able to ascertain the name of the person who established Operation Malaya

So, after that bullshit ‘thorough investigation‘ and failing to find out who set up this task force with illegal intentions, the Crime Commissioner comes out with this corker…

I have therefore looked at the substance of your allegation and I am satisfied that the conduct complained of about the ‘former’ Chief Constable, even if proven would not justify either criminal or disciplinary proceedings or has involved the infringement of your rights under Article 2 or 3 of the European Convention of Human Rights and therefore is suitable for an on the spot local resolution

I smell bullshit…

The Taskforce was setup to frame me for outing a police snitch. Lancashire police ave protected their grass for 5 years after he helped them convict Colin Pritchard.

A Freedom of Information request has been made to Lancashire police at the following address for information on Operation Malaya.



The crime commissioner has been asked for his comments on this article and he said (via Ian Dickinson)

As you are aware, you have made a complaint against the Chief Constable in regards to this matter, which is currently subject to an appeal to the Independent Office for Police Conduct. Therefore, it would be inappropriate to comment at this time




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