PC 4118 Kerry Briggs of Lancashire Police harasses an arson victim

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PC 4118 Kerry Briggs of Lancashire police has been shown to be harassing a victim of arson and police persecution to protect a police informant.

A victim of a serious arson attack that was covered on BBC Crimewatch, was threatened with prosecution after a police informant from Skelmersdale named Paul Turner was ‘apparently’ named online as a potential suspect in the arson attack.  Police informant Paul Turner is known to police and was given a police warning for previously threatening to kill the victims wife and children.

Police had informed the victim of the arson attack that Paul Turner was interviewed under police caution for the arson attack but they said they could not prove it was linked to him (due to the police blunder in the investigation). So by the police own admission, he was clearly a suspect.  Even so, Turner reported to the police that he was being ‘harassed’ for being named online as a potential suspect and went on to blame the victim of the arson attack for this!  Paul Turner’s name was mentioned on the Lancashire police facebook wall by a 3rd party asking police why they were looking for Paul Turner at their home address.

The alleged incident was in March 2017.  It was not until Late September 2017 that foolish PC Kerry Briggs telephoned the arson victim and said she wanted to interview him ‘under caution‘ for alleged harassment against Paul Turner.  An alleged summary only offence from more than 6 months earlier.

The victim initially refused to attend as he had no case to answer.  He spoke with his solicitor who advised him he would be unavailable to represent him if he attended until he got back from holiday. This information was relayed to PC Kerry Briggs.  Briggs then went behind the victims back and contacted his solicitor alluring threats of what ‘could happen’ if the victim delayed an interview. The solicitor advised the victim that PC Kerry Briggs was inferring that unless a voluntary attendance was agreed ‘asap’ police would arrest the victim anyway so it was prudent to go voluntarily (under duress!).  The solicitor rescheduled his time to attend.

On attending the police station, cocksure PC Kerry Briggs went about her farcical interview with zero evidence to support what the police snitch Paul Turner had alleged nor did she have any evidence linking the supposed allegation to the victim. Not only that, the thick cop PC Kerry Briggs made it clear that the crime she was investigation was out of time (statute of limitation)

The victim had no case to answer and gave no comments to the questions.

Leaving the police station, the victims solicitor expressed his disbelief at how the police were investigating a crime with no evidence that was out of time.

A couple of weeks later on a Saturday afternoon, idiotic PC 4118 Kerry Briggs knocked at the victim’s home uninvited.  The victim had visitors at the time making this very embarrassing.  PC Kerry Briggs read the victim his rights (incorrectly) and they told him he was being charged by Lancashire police and would receive a summons to court via the post within 6 weeks!

This time passed leaving the victim and his wife distressed over the Christmas period and nothing was received until, out of the blue, on the 27th February 2018 (many months later), the victim received an email from PC Kerry Briggs telling him that the trial will no longer be proceeding.  She gave no further information.  A rationale has been requested and will be posted here in due course!

A complaint has been made against the Lancashire police officer for this glaring and blatant abuse of power which amounts to harassment.

MP Rosie Cooper has been asked to intervene, her action, if any, will be posted in due coursee.


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