PC Freeman intentionally lies to try and get a conviction

Lying Police
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ReI tweeted PC Freeman to make sure he knows what’s good.

I was pulled over on the 24th July 2015. Over a year later, I eventually, after the police deleting the video and 4 adjournments we got to trial.
PC Freeman lied and was shown to have lied in his statement and evidence in court.

As a result, the case was dropped after a submission of ‘No Case to Answer’ at half time.

PC Freeman was late to court, didn’t tell the truth and acted like a cunt. The typical standards to be a Traffic Officer. I wonder how many other cases have been affected him burying the evidence.

See the full story, statements, letters, etc here: https://symnz.com

I will submit this to the chief constable to see what he makes of this. Police policing the Police…so, as always, nothing.


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