PC Alex Wood of Lancashire police says HARASSMENT on Facebook is NOT an offence

Believe it or not, Lancashire police officer PC 872 Alex Wood of Skelmersdale police station has stated in a signed letter that harassment on Facebook and other social media is NOT an offence that Police can, or will investigate due to ‘RIPA laws’.

This could spark ‘open season’ for anyone who wants to harass anyone else on Facebook…

This letter relates to an offence reported to Lancashire police. The offence was committed by a man who has a court issued restraining order after the man was convicted of harassment against another person, the victim.  The restraining order was put on the man to ban him posting anything about or making any inference about his victim.  Any breach could be deemed an custodial offence.

The victim reported to Lancashire police, posts the man had published on his Facebook account in public about his victim.  This was a direct breach of his restraining order yet Lancashire police have said that they will not investigate.

Their reason excuse was

  1. They cannot investigate due to RIPA laws.  PC 872 Mark Wood is claiming that police are powerless to get IP address information and other information to prove who posted comments etc unless it is classed as a ‘serious crime‘.  So, this letter alone will mitigate any criminal investigation Lancashire police may be investigating for any other person at this time.
  2. Even with a court issued restraining order to protect the victim, the victim is NOT ALLOWED to be harassed because the victim took it upon themself to check if the man was breaching his restraining order.  The victim checked the mans facebook page, noted alarming and distressing comments posted and reported it to Lancashire police but PC MArk Woods says that because the victim looked at the convicted mans facebook page, this negated the offence of harassment.

I have spoken with the ICO and they have confirmed that this is NOT traffic data and that Lancashire police have made a glaring error!



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