Plain-clothed Met officer points Taser at handcuffed drug dealer

MET Police

A plain-clothed police officer has sparked outrage after he was filmed pointing a taser at a suspect seated on the ground in handcuffs while shouting ‘Get down or you’re going to re-energised’.

In a video taken by a witness, three plain-clothed police officers were seen arresting a man believed to be in Custom House in the London borough of Newham, according to online reports.

While the officer was placing the suspect in the handcuffs face down to the ground, he repeatedly asked: ‘What drugs?’ to which the officer replied: ‘There’s loads of drugs in this vehicle.’

One officer wearing a blue coat pointed a taser at the suspect during the arrest, prompting the detained man to sit in an upright position and begin shouting at officers.

 The officer pointing the taser gun, which appeared to have been discharged once already, demanded the suspect get back down on the ground and said: ‘Get down or you’re going to re-energised, get back down!’

The suspect replied: ‘I’ll get tasered! I’ll get tasered. So what?’

The video has gained over 14.9K views on Twitter as users lashed out at the officer for pointing a taser at the suspect even though he was already arrested.

One said: ‘Bit ridiculous to have a taser aimed at a man who is on the floor and handcuffed around however many fully grown men is it not?’

Another wrote: ‘Why are they posing with their tasers? Since when do the UK police cuff people’s hands behind their back?’

It is not known if any charges were made.



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  1. I was cuffed behind my back which I let them do and 1 black pig appeared shouting taser taser taser. Tased 4:5/6 times a d what can I do….. … Fuck all. I done nothing wrong and was targeted and very nearly lost my life. No one will even listen. Brief told me have to make a deal with pigs, I said no way and they’ve fucked me up ever since. This is the great England yeah???? Fucking discustting.

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