Police assault victim targeted by locals Tyler Livesley (riding a scooter in the road stoned) and Bryony Sumner

I am a victim of Lancashire police abuse and assault, and these two scroats (Tyler Livesley and Bryony Sumner) from Scott Estate in Ormskirk think it is funny to target me.


Tyler Livesley, now ‘supposedly’ a grown man has a child who will grow up knowing his dad is a lowlife and that is what is sad about this.

Tyler Livesley had a restraining order imposed on him in 2018 to stop him targeting me and my family, he is a nuisance in Ormskirk, even some of his friends say he is a waste of oxygen. 

2022, and Tyler Livesley is still continuing, sending me private messages saying I was “FINGERED BY A COP” and still sending them after repeatedly telling him to stop! 

Even today, while riding my motorbike, Tyler Livesley was riding a motorised scooter in the middle of the road while smoking a joint.

Tyler Livesley, who was on drugs, was riding his scooter at me in the middle of the road while I was riding  road legal, taxed and insured motorcycle. I had to veer almost causing an accident because this little scroat thinks it is acceptable to ride illegal scooters in the road while stoned!

I stopped my bike and due to the near collision, activated my helmet camera.  On video, it caught Livesley goading me, you know, the usual… ‘you are harassing me‘ chat that most scroats are programmed to say with their phones out!

Tyler Livesley said that Lancashire police are aware he rides his ‘illegal scooter’ (really, well they are now) and that everyone smokes drugs (err, no, they don’t, and  certainly not while riding a motorised scooter in the middle of the road?)

Since this incident, Bryony Sumner (in photo above) and now presumed to be Tyler’s partner has been stalking my facebook account, finding information about me and tagging Tyler Livesley into it.  She is the typical kind who finds it funny to laugh at someone else’s misery and even encourages it to continue!

In one post, where I was shown as a victim of police abuse including a sexual assault, Bryony Sumner, (a ‘young female’) laughs at what I was put through while tagging Livesley about this.  

Bryony has also tried contacting me on Facebook messenger, accusing me of ‘bullying‘ Tyler for approaching him after the drugged up drain on society tried running me off the road when he was on drugs!  Then she accused me of ‘stopping on double yellow lines’ on a road with no yellow lines (single or double!).

Bryony says I have been reported to the police for ‘following’ the drugged up scooter rider, when in fact, the incident was on helmet camera and it shows me riding up to a lad with an illegal scooter and a spliff in his hand who had tried to cause an accident waiting for me with a phone in his hand.   Bryony clearly not sure what ‘following’ means.

Bryony says the spliff is not a spliff but a roll up… fortunately the helmet camera has Tylers admission to exactly what it was!


Bryony accuses me of bullying ‘boys’ on Scott Estate.  Now, there is Dane Harrison, 17 who punched me in the face and robbed my phone. He was CONVICTED and paid in an out of court settlement for the damage to the phone.

His brother, Lewis Harrison, 20+ who headbutted me after he kicked my dog.

And then Tyler Livesley,  who was given a restraining order for harassing my family.  

There is one other person who I will not mention as he was man enough to appologise to my and my family for his actions, admitting he did not realise the harm he was causing.  At least one of them has some decency and balls to say sorry which was accepted and appreciated.

If anyone else targeting me will be named and shamed (with their photo) and reported

Lancashire police are involved.

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