Police constable sent an ‘inappropriate picture’ to child they met while on duty

A police officer left Greater Manchester Police after sending an ‘inappropriate picture’ to a child they met while on duty.

When the breach was uncovered, the unnamed PC faced a disciplinary hearing.

But they resigned before the gross misconduct hearing took place on February 8 this year.

Had the officer still been with the force they would have been sacked, the hearing ruled.

Brief details of the case have been revealed on a recently-published list of ‘disciplinary outcomes’ posted on GMP’s website.

Neither the name nor the sex of the officer were revealed in the document.

The list also reveals some details of the ‘outcomes’ of other misconduct hearings.

A Pc has left the force after ‘drunken and inappropriate behaviour on a plane’ while off duty.

The gross misconduct hearing ruled they would have been sacked if still serving.

An inspector has been given a final warning after they ‘disclosed confidential information held on GMP systems without a policing purpose’.

A sergeant was given a written warning after being arrested, while off duty, for being drunk and disorderly.

Two Pcs were given written warnings after they turned off their body-cams ‘suspecting a colleague was about to use excessive force’.

Another Pc was given a final written warning for ‘inappropriate contact with two female colleagues’

The gross misconduct hearing was told they asked one of the women, through a third party, to delete messages.

A Pc was given a final written warning after they took a photograph of a prisoner and shared it on Whatsapp.

A civilian worker was sacked after they sexually harassed two women at work and ‘made inappropriate comments of a sexual nature in the workplace’.

Another member of police staff was sacked for a string of matters including touching a colleague’s breast at work, abuse of position for sexual gain, ‘sexual activity within the workplace with colleagues’ and attempting to ‘frustrate the investigation’.

Two other civilian workers also left the force before they could be sacked after a gross misconduct hearing ruled they ‘engaged in sexual activity in the workplace with a colleague’ and ‘deliberately tried to undermine’ a gross misconduct investigation.

Another member of police staff was given a final written warning and faced compulsory redeployment after they disclosed confidential data, breached social distancing requirements, didn’t report criminal activity and failed to declare ‘notifiable associations’.

And a special constable has left the force before they could be sacked after a gross misconduct hearing ruled they posted inappropriate pictures of themselves online and made abusive comments to a member of the public on social media.

In a statement earlier this year addressing misconduct hearings GMP said: “GMP follows national guidance on police misconduct procedures set by the College of Policing.

“The college published the guidance in 2017 to increase fairness and proportionality in cases.

“GMP follows this guidance to inform the approach taken by panels and chairpersons to determine outcomes in police misconduct proceedings.”

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