Police Crime Commissioner Clive Grunshaw protects Chief Constable misconduct

Clive Grunshaw
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Clive Grunshaw, the Police and Crime Commissioner of Lancashire (PCC) supposedly has an important role to play.  In part, that is, to hold the Chief Constable and his office to account for any wrongdoing.

Clive Grunshaw himself has been investigated for allegations of false accounting.  He was ‘cleared’ of wrongdoing, by… the Chief Constable!

A quote from the website of the Police and Crime Commissioner, Clive Grunshaw states:

I want to use my role to give the public a voice at the highest level, and give you, the people of Lancashire, the ability to ensure that the police are accountable.

Ian Dickinson of Clive Grunshaw’s office is dealing with a serious allegation against the newly appointed, Andy Rhodes, the Chief Constable of Lancashire police.   It has been alleged (with evidence) he perverted the course of justice. by intentionally deleting evidence and failing to report a crime.

The job of the PCC, is to ‘ensure the police are accountable‘ however, from his lack of investigation (read it here), it is apparent he is intentionally trying to cover for and defend the Chief Constable from what amounts to a potential criminal offence rather than hold him to account!  This is misconduct in public office.

In a reply from the PCC office, an ‘unnamed‘ police officer from the Chief Constable’s office, intentional lied to the PCC investigation, stating that Andy Rhodes  ‘cannot delete tweets in his Twitter account‘.  This was a lie to try to cover up the Chief Constable from deleting the evidence in question.  This is a provable lie and only a fool would believe this!

Rather than search for proof as would be normal practice in any investigation, Ian Dickinson of the PCC’s office simple took that ‘lie’ as fact. Basically, the investigation went like this:

  • Did the Chief Constable delete the evidence?
  • No, he cannot delete the evidence.
  • Okay, complaint finalised.
  • End of investigation.

Ian Dickinson and Clive Grunshaw were both fully aware that the victim in which the evidence related did in fact have a personal chat with the Chief Constable via the same Twitter account, therefore proving Andy Rhodes had full access to his Twitter account.


When the victim asked Ian Dickinson for the name of the officer that intentionally lied to protect the Chief Constable, Ian Dickinson REFUSED to provide this information to avoid a further complaint!


It is clear that the Police and Crime Commissioner is not fit for purpose and potentially also perverting the course of justice.



  1. Clive has done the same to me, he said Andy Rhodes was aware of an issue and that issue legal must be answered with in 21 days so at 21 days complaint in and Ian comes back with he didn’t know no case to answer for.Clive Grunshaw is a thief who protects Lancashire Constabulary and lies to cover the police misconduct for them to cover his expenses theft from the public purse.

  2. I sent this cat an E asking if he had any advice or could help in my quest to get EX PC David Monaghan prosecuted for his cowardly ambush of myself when all I was doing was walking down a public path of a night The outhouse didn’t even have the balls to do anything himself but gid in bushes in wait before setting his Alsatian doh om, ,e such was the surprise and ferocity that I now some fifteen year later still suffer a debilitating mental condition I tried the IPCC a appeal to chief constable and the body that internally deals with police misconduct All I got was flannel and whitewash They didn’t even come out and take a statement nor visit the site which was near neither propety or people it obvious from the tone of letter and details of so called investigation that they thought I had a cheek complaining and no way was their now ex officer going to have a slur on his name back to Grunshaw all I got of this cat was an E saying it was none of his business and a link for victims of crimes of violence who in turn were as much use as a chocolate fireguard once they learnt my assailant was a copper and they beat a hasty retreat

  3. Regarding my police complaint made over 4 month ago to the IPCC concerning a police sergeant in my town of Colne who perverted the course of justice by telling me there wasn’t any CCTV installed in the public house where I was violently assaulted by the doorman telling me no evidence so the doorman can’t be charged this of course was just a lie by the sergeant my belief to cover up for a Colne Pendle councillor who was involved as I have in my possession the CCTV footage of the incident obtained by my solicitor I reported this to the crime commissioner for Lancashire Clive Grunshaw after the lack of communication from the IPCC who told me he would pass on my concerns to the chief constable for investigation but how would it be possible for the chief constable to investigate a sergeant for perverting justice when the chief constable is under investigation for the same thing ?

      • at this time being the incident CCTV disc is in the hands of my Solicitor in hope to at least sue the licensee of the pub if that’s my only Justice but it wasn’t my intention to involve a Solicitor if the Police had done their job their paid to do but and due to the Police Sergeant perverting Justice by lying i would also like to post the CCTV footage on twitter and facebook to show the bully boy thug up but unfortunately i can’t due to legal reasons until after my case but in the meantime i will continue to expose the Police for what they are if there wasn’t any truth in what i say in my tweets or what i post on facebook i think i would have had a visit from the Police by now” THANK’S FOR TAKING AN INTEREST IN MY GRIEVANCE


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