Police officer in ‘chill out or I’ll choke you out’ arrest video to face misconduct hearing

A police officer will face a misconduct hearing following an arrest in which he is alleged to have said “chill out or I’ll choke you out”.

It is alleged that the force used by PC Graham Kanes was not “reasonable, necessary or proportionate” and he did not provide a truthful account of what happened.

Details of the hearing have been published on West Yorkshire Police’s website.

The Force said: “PC Graham Kanes will answer allegations that his conducted amounted to breaches of the Standards of Professional Behaviour in respect of :

·        Authority Respect and Courtesy
·        Use of Force
·        Duties and Responsibilities
·        Discreditable Conduct
·        Honesty and Integrity

“On 16/08/2020 PC Kanes restrained and arrested a male after reportedly witnessing him strike a local resident in the face.

“It is alleged that PC Kanes had his arm around the male’s neck whilst restraining him.

“The officer is alleged to have said to the male being restrained  ‘chill out or I’ll choke you out’ and ‘chill out or you’re going to sleep’.

“The male being restrained states that they responded to this by saying ‘I can’t breathe’ and ‘I give up, I give up’. It is alleged that:

  1.  The force used to restrain the male was not reasonable, necessary or proportionate.
  2. By telling the male that the officer would “choke” him and “you’re going to  sleep” were unprofessional and unreasonable in all the circumstances.
  3. The statement you provided describing that the male “punched” you was not an accurate or truthful account of what had happened.

“The matter set out above is alleged to amount to gross misconduct and is so serious as to justify dismissal.”

Footage of the arrest of Hassan Ahmed sparked outrage when it was shared widely on social media.

Around 100 people attended a protest outside Halifax police station in the days after the arrest, including Mr Ahmed’s sister Safyah, who said she was “sickened” by what had happened.

Earlier this year, the Crown Prosecution Service said there was “insufficient evidence for a realistic prospect of conviction”.


  1. It’s real simple all the guy needs do is chill out and relax.
    I support the cop entitely and hope it all goes well for him.
    I had an uncle who was a police officer back in the 1970s and boy he wasn’t politically correct. He used some seriously politically incorrect terms about certain demographic groups e.g.n*****s, c**ns etc. It is odd now how the police are some of the most politically correct people now.

    • I forgot to put the above offensive words in quotation marks “”. I was quoting my uncle to illustrate past attitudes. I was not, of course, referring to any demographic group via these perjorative terms.

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