Police Officer Now Identified? – PC Paul Edwards of Lancashire police

A police officer that assaulted me in 2014 has now been identified after 8 years trying to find his identity.

PC Paul Edwards of Skem Police tip off

PC Paul Edwards of Skelmersdale police station has been identified as the cop who threw clothes on my head while I was suffering a (suspected) heart attack, after being unlawfully stripped naked and assaulted by Sgt Eckersley.

I was in agony and awaiting for the emergency services.  I spent days on a cardiac ward.  My initial prognosis was a heart attack, this was later diagnosed to be the onset of a heart attack relating to my troponin levels following the police abuse.

I was, at the time, being unlawfully detailed at skelmersdale police station, I have since sued Lancashire police by DPP Law in Liverpool, for this unlawful arrest and detention plus the malicious prosecution that followed.

I received £35,000 compensation and a half hearted written apology that I have since wiped my arse on.

I made a complaint about this officer assaulting me, but Lancashire police told me there were unable to identify him, even though this took place in Skelmersdale custody suite.  The officer (PC Paul Edwards) was seen chatting with other officers so his  identity was known, but to avoid bringing charges of assault against the officer, Lancashire police intentionally perverted the course of justice by lying so the assault charge would time out.

PC Edwards talking to Sgt Eckersley

A formal complaint has been now submitted against PC Paul Edwards, the complaint process for this will be published in full and I am reviewing legal options for the failure to identify PC Paul Edwards.


  1. This is similar to my experience with Northumbria Police. I’ve been trying to get my case before a court, any court for over 20 years. They’ve abused their powers to prevent the case from being heard and have successfully avoided any punishment for their crimes. They claim any legal representation or court hearing would prejudice their investigation of me. This false claim of prejudice has been used to delay and deny me any kind of justice for over two decades now. A junky pervert employed as a Covert Human Intelligence Source bared false witness against me. I suspect that he committed the crime and when asked about the crime, he simply gave my name. He was very young at the time, but I suspect that he had been committing some very serious sex crimes. I was on an NHS waiting list for minor surgery and they incited the surgeon to mutilate me, I reported the crime to a number of MP’s and I’ve been falsely accused, denied legal representation and prevented from accessing the courts ever since. I’ve tried DPP Law , they claimed to have no capacity, this the normal response when the police claim prejudice. I’m going to contact the Black Belt Barristers Chambers and ask one of their Human rights barristers to take a look at my case. I would be happy if they could recover the withheld compensation from the medical crime and stop the illegal misuse of their intrusive surveillance powers. I’m actaully being trolled by a cop on the Black Belt Barristers YouTube channel at the moment, they often try to prevent me from using social media. I look forward to using their apology as toilet paper.

  2. Pursue this to the absolute max. You must have put so much energy into exposing these scummy unprofessional people so far. Don’t give up!

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