Norfolk bully cop uses flying kick to 15 year old girl for holding another officers arm

This is a still from a video where a Norfolk police officer used a flying kick the females ribs/kidneys to prevent her from holding another police officers arm.

Before I continue, the female(s) were seemingly obstructing the police and acting like an utter thugs, I am not in any way condoning this.

When the ‘karate kick‘ cop arrived at the scene, what he saw was a single female holding onto the arm of a female police officer.

Rather than approach her, grab her arm and arrest her, he decided that a flying kick to the kidneys of a 15 year old girl was appropriate.

This still clearly shows that the cops foot is off the ground while he delivers the devastating blow.

This could or may well have cause serious internal injuries to the child.

Here is a slow motion clip of the flying kick

She could have smashed her head on the floor or scaffolding and died.


I hope this cop is charged as I have no doubt the females will be.

There are other videos showing the female behaviour before the karate cop arrived, although her behaviour is disgusting, the police officer had no reason to inflict such an aggressive assault on her.

The full clip is below


  1. This isn’t the full clip.
    The girls are both attacking a lone officer. They are drunk (at 15 !). The officers who pushes the girl away with his foot had no idea what she harm was capable of inflicting on anyone near-by.

  2. Big brave plod – attacking a young girl. Such a hero. Sadly typical of the mindless morons that form the ranks of the modern plod farce.

  3. Norfolk police at their finest. They encourage domestic abuse within their ranks and protect them.
    PSD will be getting the fairy dust out and sprinkling it over the complaint to make this go away?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️????

    • But that is the point, we are not in ‘any other country’, we are in this country and this country has laws that apply to all, including cops. Cops are not above the law and cannot inflict unnecessary violence on anyone just because they want to. Odd that you disagree but judging by you resorting to name-calling, it pretty much shows I have just wasted my time writing this reply… ah well.

  4. 4/10, next time a kick to the face, preferrably in steel toecaps.

    “This could or may well have cause serious internal injuries to the female.”

    – We live in hope.

    • Just another coke-fuelled pig abusing their authority.

      They won’t like it one bit when the public start fighting back.

  5. Interesting that you feel that police should have the power to physically and intentionally assault someone, rather than arrest them. Do you abuse your wife by any chance?

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