Police Sergeant 5425 Matthew Carroll’s conduct found to be ‘not acceptable’ by PSD

Bedfordshire police

Bedfordshire Professional Standards Department (PSD) has found the conduct of PS Matthew Carroll to be ‘not acceptable‘ in how he dealt with a female victim of crime.

PS Matthew Carrolls actions led to the victim being the target of grossly offensive allegations against her, made public for 12 months on a sickening website.  The allegations amount to Malicious Communications.

Bedfordshire police have confirmed George Vella is the suspect in the creation of a grossly offensive website where Vella targets several people, maliciously branding them as paedophiles or comparing them to serial killers.

George Vella is (or was) an operative for Lancashire police within Operation Malaya, and not surprisingly, Bedfordshire police have confirmed that Lancashire police were instrumental in the reasons why George Vella has not been prosecuted (yet).

Ironically, George Vella is befriended by Gail Hadfield Grainger who appears to be backing Vella’s sickening actions against innocent people.

PS Matthew Carroll failed the victim and Bedfordshire police are now facing legal action and a costly Judicial Review.

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