Policeman accused of ‘touching the breasts’ of vulnerable woman he met on-duty

A policeman accused of ‘touching the breasts’ of a vulnerable woman faces a misconduct rap.

Investigators allege that PC Christopher Bolton also sent the woman pics that were “inappropriate, intimate” or of a “sexual nature”.

It is claimed the North Yorkshire Police officer attempted to forge a relationship with the unnamed woman, after meeting her while he was on-duty.

Shortly after they met, the force claim he also “re-scored a risk assessment” relating to the woman “which was done with an aim of increasing the score, rather than completing the assessment in an objective and honest manner.”

The allegations form part of misconduct proceedings, which will be heard at the start of 2022.

If he’s found to have committed gross misconduct, PC Bolton could possibly face the sack.

A public notice of proceeding alleges that PC Bolton “interacted with a vulnerable female” who he met while working.

“The interactions were inappropriate and/or brought discredit on the police service in that he viewed an inappropriate image of the female, touched her breasts, exchanged images of an inappropriate, intimate and or sexual nature and engaged in conversation discussing the possibility of forging a relationship with her,” states the summary.

The four day long misconduct hearing is due to start on January 11, at the force’s Alverton Court HQ in Northallerton.

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