POLL – Give your opinion on police corruption

It is clear there is some level of corruption within the UK police, the question is, how much and where is it stemmed?

Is it the senior officers?  Maybe the chief constables and their close circle of deputies are the root of the evil.

Maybe it is in the lower ranks…  desperate to climb the ladder?

Then there is the view that corruption may in fact not relate to police ranks at all, it may be controlled by the freemasons who are deeply rooted within the police and judiciary, the judiciary is infiltrated with Freemasons and they are renowned for their malice.

Let us know your view by clicking your opinion below.

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  1. The distinction between corruption in the upper and lower ranks is an illusion; if those in charge are corrupt, their subordinates will be too and vice-versa. Practices and cultures are inherited by employees, whose costly and embarrassing mistakes will always be covered up by bosses. Nothing changes.

  2. Thanks for letting me join I am in the process of exposing sexual assault by a officer which CPS said not enough evidence so going to a hearing to stop this guy serving as an officer as he is corrupt and should not be working within the police force where he can abuse others

  3. It is in my opinion not quite so straightforward however even good police officers will not break ranks, which left ne with only one option to choose all police can and will be corrupt.

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