Private Prosecution against a Lancashire police officer – Update 14/4/2022

Almost 6 weeks since the submission of my application to bring a private prosecution against a lying Lancashire police constable, and still no response.

This relates to a Lancashire police constable who is alleged (but a fact) to have provided a false witness statement to the court.   She is now facing a private prosecution for the offence of Perjury, Contrary to the Perjury Act 1911 and Misconduct in Public Office, contrary to Common Law.

Sadly, Lancashire police failed to record or investigate this crime even when presented with concrete evidence of the offence.  This shows that Lancashire police are trying to operate above the law.

Today I called the Magistrates court office for an update and the lady who has been dealing with my case seemed very surprised that I had still not received any response.  She has confirmed she is going to speak with the legal dept directly.

Although my application is for Perjury which has no statute of limitation, many offences have a statute bared time limits of 6 months, and a 6-week delay could easily see a prosecution fall out of time.

I understand the case is currently under Special Jurisdiction due to it being a serious allegation against a police officer, but the facts are present and there should be no delays simply because the offender wears a badge!

I have concerns that there is some ‘negotiation‘ taking place with Lancashire police in an attempt to make this go away, that may or may not be true, but any failure in issued proceedings will likely end in the High Court.

No one, especially police officers, should be protected if they commit Perjury.  Perjury is an offence notoriously associated with Lancashire police.

Further updates will be made available in due course.

Media Enquiries relating to this case can contact us for further details


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