Private Prosecution against a Lancashire police officer – Update

A Lancashire police officer who is alleged to have provided a false witness statement to the courts is now facing a private prosecution for the offence of Perjury, Contrary to the Perjury Act 1911 and Misconduct in Public Office, contrary to Common Law.

Lancashire police have failed to record or investigate the alleged crime even when presented with prima facie evidence of the offence.

The complaint has made an application for a private prosecution against the police officer, providing evidence of the offence to the Court.

The Court legal team have reviewed the application, and in review, considered it requires referral to the Special Jurisdiction.

The Special Jurisdiction is, according to criminal practice directions 2015 division xiii – GOV.UK, concerns cases that fall into the following categories:

i. cases with a terrorism connection;
ii. cases involving war crimes and crimes against humanity;
iii. matters affecting state security;
iv. cases brought under the Official Secrets Act;
v. offences involving royalty or parliament;
vi. offences involving diplomats;
corruption of public officials;
police officers charged with serious offences;
ix. cases of unusual sensitivity.

On the basis of the process definition, and that the case falls under “viii, police officers charged with serious offences” then it may be presumed that the charges are being or have been considered.

Further updates will be made available in due course.

Media Enquiries relating to this case can contact us for further details


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