PS Carl Lloyd 2519 Lies to crime victim about a witness statement -UPDATED

Lying Police

PS Carl Lloyd of Lancashire Police was captured on a recording device, lying to a victim of crime about a witness statement (to Perverting the Course of Justice).

UPDATED: Listen to the FULL audio on the following YouTube clip!

The victim who was almost knocked over intentionally by a speeding van which then returned and called the victim a ‘fucking prick’.

An electrical contract worker who was working at the next door business witnessed the events and provided a witness statement to PC Kershaw stating what he saw & what he heard and that he would happily provide a statement and attend court if required.

After meeting with the victim the next day, PS Carl Lloyd of Skelmersdale Police told the victim that the witness had told him that he had not seen or heard anything.  He also told the victim that the witness did not want to provide a statement.  The victim, annoyed told PS Carl Lloyd he was lying and that he was going to call the witness (audio above).  PS Carl Lloyd had no idea that the victim did in fact know the witness and had is mobile number to hand.  When the victim attempted to call the witness, PS Carl Lloyd instructed the victim not to call the witness in their presence.

The victim continued and the Police threatened to leave however did stay to hear the conversation on loud speaker where the witness clearly told the Police they were lying and also said he was on his way to the location right now to speak with the Police.

Very frustrated and flustered, the Police left the office.

The witness wrote to PSD and advised them of what happened and that he was prepared to give a statement and attend court however the Police and PSD never responded to either the witness or the victim.

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