PS Stephen Eckersley of Skelmersdale Police Perverts the Course of Justice

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PS Stephen Eckersley Sexual Assault This is Police Sergeant PS Stephen Eckersley (collar number 1145) from Aughton, of Lancashire Police.  PS Eckersley intentionally perverted the course of justice by blocking a criminal investigation.

The victim was maliciously branded a paedophile on the internet by troll who was a disgruntled ex-employee.  This troll has since been identified as a Police Informer named Paul Turner, from Skelmersdale, and is working for Lancashire Police.  This troll wrote a number of intentionally false and malicious postings on anonymous websites in retaliation for being dismissed.  This was reported to Lancashire Police.

Lancashire Police reviewed the evidence and determined that this was a crime under the Malicious Communications Act.  PS Stephen Eckersley 1145 who lives in Aughton, overruled the  previous decisions made by Lancashire Police.  Eckersley changed the decision to NFA for the crime stating that it was not Malicious Communications.  The crime is well documented as a serious crime with other Police forces.  Maybe Sgt Stephen Eckersley has his own laws?

PS Stephen Eckersley 1145 is already open to a number of complaints made by the victim.  These include sexual assault (by performing an unlawful and unauthorised strip search.  Eckersley inserted his fingers into the arse of the victims with a gloved hand for no apparent reason).  Stephen Eckersley still though it okay to change the crime statues of a victim who has complaints against him.    After the assault, PS Stephen Eckersley threatened the victim to not make any complaints against him.  Part of the CCTV was ‘accidentally destroyed’ by Lancashire Police that contained these threats!

This assault is evidenced on CCTV and a civil claim is under way against Lancashire Police.  The photograph on the left is PS Stephen Eckersley 1145 inflating his rubber glove minutes before sexually assaulting the victim.

At a later date, PS Eckersley intentionally and maliciously made a decision to change the crime for the sole purpose to Pervert the course of Justice.


Case Law

Taken from a news article

“West Midlands Police described the distribution of the malicious posters [branding an innocent person a paedophile] as a serious offence and said they were being forensically examined.”

Ironically, West Midland Police believe branding an innocent person a paedophile is a serious offence, PS Stephen Eckersley thinks this is not a crime!


Taken from another article

“he was found guilty of six counts of malicious communication [branding an innocent man a paedophile] and spent his time in the dock smiling at the court. He was handed a three month prison sentence, suspended for 18-months.”

Yet, the very same crime, committed by a Police Informer was deemed not malicious by PS Stephen Eckersley.


Taken from another article

“An internet troll who branded innocent people paedophiles and terrorists has been convicted of harassment”

It is clear the PS Stephen Eckersley of Ormskirk has made an intentional effort ot pervert the course of justice by changing this crime to NFA.


Taken from another article

“Innocent man burned to death after vigilantes branded him a paedophile”

It is alleged that PS Stephen Eckersley has intended to allow a victim to be harmed by the malicious allegation that Eckersley has no intention of investigating leaving the victim with no justice.

So, why did PS Stephen Eckersley of Ormskirk, intentional change the status of a crime to NO FURTHER ACTION when the investigation had already determined that it was a criminal offence an was going to be dealt with as such?

It is know that PS Eckersley ha a dislike for the victim and PS Eckersly has a number of complaints against him from the victim, prior to him changing the crime status.


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