Reading police officer Denim Wade sacked over Covid self-isolation issue

A READING-based policeman has been sacked after being found guilty of misconduct and has been named on a list of disgraced former officers.

PC Denim Wade was accused of ‘failing to treat colleagues with respect and courtesy’ after failing to self-isolate when required to last year.

The officer came into close contact with a man arrested on suspicion of shoplifting in Reading.

The arrested man subsequently tested positive for covid-19 — which was less than 48 hours after the officer had come into close contact with him.

PC Wade, who is based at Reading Police Station, assisted in the suspect’s arrest and detention on November 25, 2020.

He was ‘in close contact’ with the suspect ‘for a ‘period of time’ having travelled with the suspect to custody in a car.

The suspect was held in custody and on November 27 they tested positive for coronavirus.

The force also claimed PC Wade ‘deliberately omitted information relating to social distancing and amended an email to his supervisor advising the time of the suspect’s test in order to avoid having to self-isolate.’

A Thames Valley Police report said: “By remaining in the workplace, the allegations are that PC Wade failed to treat colleagues with respect and courtesy.”

Following a Thames Valley Police misconduct hearing which ran from July 14 to July 16, bosses at the force decided to sack PC Wade.

A TVP spokesperson said: “I am able to confirm that the officer was dismissed from the force without notice and his name will be placed on the College of Policing barred list.”

A full report is set to be published outlining the reasons for PC Wade’s dismissal in the coming days.

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