Rose Horan of Sussex police defends alleged paedophile who raped a 15 year old boy

Rose Horan of Sussex CID has defended an alleged paedophile who allegedly raped a 15 year old boy, the alleged rapist was around 20 at the time.

Police were aware of the alleged rape but the 15 year old boy says he told them he consented at the time, and pretended he was 16 to the police.

The law does not allow children to consent to sex, and the police have a duty to correctly investigate all allegations of sexual abuse, especially against children.  This would include verifying the child’s age rather than take his word for it.

Rose Horan has claimed that the information is ‘spurious’, (she has never even requested to see it).

In light of the serious allegation, CID investigator Rose Horan failed to consider even asking for the evidence to verify if a child was raped.

The same alleged rapist had posted sickening pictures on Twitter, tagging another victim.  The pictures were of

  • males engaged in sexual intercourse with what appears to be a minor
  • Males with penises covered in human faeces
  • Male penises with diseases and maggots within the foreskin


The images below are disturbing, do not click if easily offended

Yet, Rose Horan still defended the alleged rapist and sender of Malicious Communications.


This is unbelievable, Rose Horan is aware that a victim of child rape has come forward, and without any investigation, Rose Horan considered the victims allegation as  ‘spurious‘.

Ironically, Rose Horan was recently given an award (read it here) for keeping communities safe.

“Brighton and Hove’s police officers, staff and volunteers have been recognised at the annual divisional awards ceremony for their work in keeping our communities safe.”

How can she receive an award when she fails to even consider to investigate child rape.

Is this how the UK police operate now?

Rose Horan has been asked for her comments.

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  1. This obsession with foreskins and dirty foreskins (I don’t like to hear or have to speak about it either) is a hallmark of the OTO operatives that are heavily linked to the dark side of the intelligence, security and immigration services in the #FiveEyes countries. They often mention the aformentioned unpleasant notions upon first meeting people as some kind of code maybe or possibly to ‘tenderise’ the person via a kind of revulsion-style shock tactic. Not recommending that as a conclusion but that’s my experience of them. They’re thoroughly above the law and above any rank in the police. Indeed, they infer leadership over the police top brass in countries where they don’t even live and openly so. I am happy to provide the evidence of this which I’ve first hand witnessed and gathered.

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