Rose Horan of Sussex police fails victim of horrific online abuse by known offender

Sussex Police Investigator, Rose Horan

Police investigator Rose Horan of Sussex police has confirmed a known criminal and repeat offender is ‘WANTED‘ for arrest but due to ‘lack of resources‘, Sussex police say they cannot go and arrest the man who is sitting at home… committing further crimes.

The offender is Tariq Elmughrabi (birth name) who changed his name to Kyoji Mochizuki but now uses the alias name of Taz Ryder.

Whatever name this criminal uses, he is wanted for arrest.

Sussex Police did arrest Taz Ryder in April 2022 for criminal offences, but due to a police blunder (more of an absolute fuck up!), Sussex police failed to detain and interview him. Instead, they allowed him to leave the station and continue his online abuse.

In relation to the failed detention of Taz Ryder, Rose Horan confirmed the following on 31/5/2022

After discussion with the DS at Brighton CID, a decision was made by the DS to deal with Taz after further investigation to enable an interview to be more evidential. He was not interviewed.”.

Rose Horan went on to say “The grounds for detention were not considered met further to discussion between the DS and the custody sergeant. A plan to either further arrest or voluntary interview was suggested once more work into the investigation had taken place.

Almost two months of further abuse, and no further arrest by Sussex police, Rose Horan confirmed (about Taz Ryder)

“He is on the list for arrest. He has also been invited to attend for an arrest by appointment via his solicitor. Once we get him in he will then be subject to bail conditions not to contact you or mention your name online. The file will then go off to CPS.”

He has been free to attack me online since February 2022 when police were notified and provided substantial evidence.  6 months on, they have still done nothing other than confirm the offence is grossly offensive.  They have substantial evidence the offence(s) were committed by Taz Ryder, they have had him in custody and failed to detain him or apply any protective bail conditions and still claiming they have no resources to arrest him.

Rose Horan confirmed (in a recorded phone call) that the offence I have reported over and over has been put to the bottom of the pile.

Sussex police are now accused of a breach of Article 3 of the ECHU where the Supreme Court confirmed that “the duty to investigate applied to serious ill-treatment by private individuals, and not just the state.“.  A civil claim is currently being considered against their failures as Sussex police are well aware of the degrading treatment they are allowing to be inflicted on an individual by a ‘wanted’ man..

Taz Ryder has go so far as to even fabricate that he has left the country, saying he is now living in the UAE, however, a small team of volunteers have confirmed Taz Ryder is living in squalor at is flat in Rectory Close Glebe Villas Hove BN3 8SS, where his continues his online abuse, right under the nose of Sussex police.

Taz Ryder has a string of victims.  After some research online, one victim claims he was raped at the age of 15 by Taz Ryder.

Taz Ryder has also targeted a female and her child, labelling her a paedophile.  Rose Horan was involved in this investigation and even though Taz Ryder was convicted, he still has a website labelling the same female as a paedophile which Sussex police are aware of, and doing absolutely nothing about.

Maybe Rose Horan only likes to investigate crimes that get he awards!

Taz Ryder continues to target anyone who stands up to him and labels everyone of his victims a paedophile.

Taz Ryder will claim he is being targeted due to his ‘ethnic origin’ and that he is autistic.  The fact is, Taz Ryder is a persistent drain on society and uses ‘every card‘ he can to avoid arrest or prosecution.  He is putting a target on his own back for the simple reason, he is scum.

Taz Ryder has spent time is prison for previous offenses and will hopefully spend more time if and when Sussex police deceid to get off their arses, put their donuts down and do the job that us tax payers pay them to do!


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