Rosie Cooper, MP calls for urgent investigation into Lancashire police corruption

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Rosie Cooper, the MP for West Lancashire has been provided with evidence of corruption within Lancashire police.

In support, Rosie Cooper has now written a letter (below) demanding an urgent investigation into the alleged corruption by writing directly to the Lancashire Chief Constable, Andy Rhodes and also the Rt Hon, Secretary of State, Amber Rudd MP.

The corruption allegations include:

Lancashire police protecting a Skelmersdale police informant from prosecution after death threats were made to the wife and children of Mr Ponting.  These threats by the informant were recorded and also witnessed by independent witnesses. yet rather than bring charges for threats to kill, Lancashire police simply gave the informant a simple harassment warning whereas recent death threats to Rosie Cooper has resulted in a large scale investigation and a criminal prosecution!

Lancashire police (intentionally) ‘botched’ an investigation into a serious arson attack at the home of Mr & Mrs Ponting.  Police failed to secure the crime scene, failed to even have crime scene investigators attend for a month.  They failed to collect CCTV then lied about it saying they tried to collect CCTV.  All evidence is recorded of the lies.    Then, after the police informant was named online as a possible suspect, Lancashire police say they are going to prosecute Mr Ponting with criminal harassment charges blaming him for naming the suspect, even though this was done by a random 3rd party on the Lancashire police Facebook wall.

Lancashire police failed to charge the Skelmersdale police informant with malicious communications when the informant went on to post grossly offensive material calling the innocent man a paedophile in an attempt to destroy his reputation and growing business. Police actually said this was “not a criminal offence“, yet West Midlands police brought charges and secured custodial sentence to a man who repeated what the Skelmersdale police informant had published!  Another man is on trial, November 20th for the same vile attack, yet Lancashire police said it was not a criminal act…! why?

There of dozens of instances where Lancashire police have acted with malice and a vendetta to the victim simply because he ‘outed’ the Skelmersdale police informant when it became apparent that the informant was being allowed to pursue a criminal vendetta against his ex employer, simply because he was dismissed from his job.


Rosie Cooper demands investigation

The responses will be published on receipt.





  1. To Inspector Jolly I can assure you Sir my complaint is in no way Malicious it’s the other way round if any thing.some time ago i was unjustly manhandled by a bully boy thug pub doorman at the Commercial Hotel in my town of Colne on the instruction of a Town Councillor just because of a petty issue i had with him injury’s caused torn rotator cuff leading to spinal injury needing risky surgery I tried reporting this incident to a young Police Officer who was near to the pub but he didn’t want to know but instead told me to go home or he would arrest me when i asked for his name he give me a sarcastic reply saying this is me and that’s my Sergeant sat in the van so i then went home but not to happy about the way i was treated by your disrespectful Officers i rang the Police Station about two days later and spoke to a Sergeant Turner who told me he had been personally to the pub but because there wasn’t any CCTV installed there for no evidence to charge the doorman all this was a lie because my Solicitor at my own expense obtained the full CCTV footage from the pub insurers showing the full incident of the doorman manhandling me i have since made an official complaint to the IPCC over 4 month ago but i get the impression i am being fobbed off hope you can look into this for me’ just to add i am a 75 year of age OAP half blind 5f 7in suffer with cardiovascular what threat could i possibly have been to have been treated in this disgusting way

      • unfortunately at this present time the CCTV copy of incident is in the hands of my Solicitor who i had to consult at my own expense in order to receive a little Justice that i should have received from the Police in the first place’it is now my intention to sue the Licensee of the public house but that lets the bully boy doorman off the hook no thank’s to the arrogant Police’so at this time it wouldn’t be advisable to post the CCTV footage for legal reasons
        I will just add I always had great respect for the Police until this incident and looking through twitter comments about corrupt Police has opened my eyes i would find unbelievable if i hadn’t became a victim my self

        I will add I consider myself to be a respectable person and expect respect in return I worked for over 50 years paid my tax into the system and i should have had help from the Police not be treated like some low life’

  2. I reported a Police Sergeant in my town of Colne for perverting the course of Justice over 4 month ago losing my right’s although i stated to the IPCC that i have 100% proof surly my complaint should have been acted on by now’or are the IPCC hoping i will go away and forget sorry to tell them this isn’t going to happen

    • Good. Keep on. Thank you. Are you aware of the level of corruption for example the Hampstead cover up of child abuse? I have IPCC complaints regards this as does the Mother. Ongoing. Great change will come. NOW 🙂 Manifesting the best

  3. it can easily be proved by CCTV the Police Sergeant in my Town of Colne Lancashire perverted the course of Justice regarding an unprovoked assault that was made on me by a local public house doorman who left me injured but the Sergeant wouldn’t take action and lied and i suspect it was because a Colne Pendle Councillor was involved and i believe the Councillor who set the doorman on me because of a petty issue i had with him used his influence i made complaint regarding this issue over 4 month ago with reminders to the IPCC but get the feeling they are just fobbing me off and want me to go away but i will not be silenced you might wonder why i didn’t take this up with my local MP Andrew Stephenson but he is well in with the Police and wouldn’t want to know i am that disgusted with with this i even put a blog on twitter you might have seen it if not you can look it up


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