Sergeant Matthew Abbs of Norfolk police reports this website to Norfolk police?

DS Abbs
DS Abbs

DS Mathew Abbs of Norfolk police has apparently, reported our website (UKCP)  to Norfolk police?

We have written several articles relating to DS Matthew Abbs  which reate to his conduct as a police officer.  It is assumed that DS Abbs is unhappy with the truth being published that he feels he can abuse his position as a police officer ad attempt to criminalise this website.

One of the articles we have written is relating to an incident where he and his wife, (Chief inspector Aime Abbs), allegedly breached government Covid guidelines.

The other articles is that DS Matthew Abbs is himself, subject to a criminal allegation of stalking, against his ex-partner.

Norfolk police investigated themselves over the alleged Covid breach after a complaint was made by his ex-partner.  Norfolk police found that they did nothing wrong.

The two articles were written by us (UKCP) with information that we received (and verified) from family and friends  (‘our sources‘).

In the interest of fairness, we did provide Norfolk police and Cambridgeshire police their Right to Reply on said articles, this right was exercised by both forces.  We will provide the same right to reply for this article, this includes DS Matthew Abbs.

We have a copy of the crime reference number for the alleged stalking incident and are aware a formal witness statement is scheduled.

Norfolk police did self refer this criminal allegation to the IOPC who ‘authorised Norfolk police to investigate themselves‘.

We are not sure why Sgt Matthew Abbs reported our articles to Norfolk police as no crimes have been committed.  The articles are factual, contemporaneous and protected under Article 10 of the Human Rights Act.

It is also important to note that, we have not been asked by either Sergeant Matthew Abbs, Chief Inspector Amie Abbs or any representative of either Norfolk or Cambridgeshire police to modify/remove any content from this website?

Norfolk police has the Right of Reply to this article as does any person mentioned in it.



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  1. Norfolk Police always investigate themselves and find no wrong doing I have made numerous complaints none upheld

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