Serious security breach by Lancashire police or is it a trap?

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We have decided to release this article in the public interest.

The reason is that, a female made an allegation is Walsall Magistrates Court to a man named “Mr P”, saying he is  “hacking Lancashire police”.  This is of course, untrue.

What is odd though it how this person would make such a ‘random’ allegation in light of the fact the following information came to light yesterday.

For the protection of this website, the information below was immediately reported to mainstream media due to the sensitivity and risks of what could be ‘public’ information.

The facts…

A Lancashire police officer (or ‘team’ of officers), either through ‘sheer incompetence’ or as a ‘malicious trap’ has given this website confidential details of a secure Lancashire police file server, most likely situated at Police HQ in Preston, based on the IP address.

It has been suggested that this leak of data may be a trap to entice someone to try and ‘hack Lancashire police’.  THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN.

Our only aim is to publish corruption and illegal activities by the police, we have no intention of committing offences.

This information will never be used or leaked by us.

To show that this is genuine, the details we have been provided are:

Notice the $ sign within the url above?  The $ symbol indicates that this is a ‘HIDDEN’ share.  Even the system users on the network would not be provided with this share location when browsing the network in question, however, the full server, hidden share and folder structure has been disclosed to us (or planted).  Now, why would Lancashire police do that and how would a ‘random woman’ know about it.

The woman is married to a man who is believed to be a part of Operation Malaya.  Some digging on this may give more insight.

To show some solidarity to Lancashire police, we would be happy to provide details to them of how this breach may have occurred.  As it is such a serious matter, we will only discuss this with a member of the senior management team.

I reiterate that this information will not be leaked or disclosed by us to anyone with potentially ulterior motives but we will say, if this is not a malicious trap, there a major risk of this information being leaked, in the same way, by the same officer(s) to others.


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