Sgt Stephen Eckersley Perverts the course of Justice

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Sgt Stephen Eckersley of Lancashire Police has intentionally perverted the course of justice.

A report was sent to Lancashire police that a police informer (Paul Turner from Skelmersdale) published sick comments on the internet maliciously calling me a paedophile.  The sick bastard even said sick stuff about my kids.

It was initially marked as a crime and a response unit was told to investigate.

Sergeant Eckerslsy of Aughton, near Ormskirk BLOCKED the investigation and cancelled the visit saying that there was NO CRIME COMMITTED.  It was never investigated.

This same cop has complaints against him by me for an unlawful strip search with sexual assault, also another assault by putting his fat fingers round by throat and strangling me.  I shortly after this was admitted to hospital for two days with heart attack symptoms cause by this prick and his mates!

The investigation into the perverted cop Stephen Eckersley was NO UPHELD.

An application to Preston magistrates has been submitted for criminal charges against him.


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