Shame on Lancashire police causing innocent man to be labelled a paedophile

Lancashire police have intentionally allowed an innocent man to be labelled a paedophile.  In one case, a Lancashire police officer stuck the boot in himself.

They did this to allow a Lancashire police informant (Lancashire police snitch), Paul Turner, to get away with crimes so Paul Turner could assist police as a confidential asset to convict a local drug dealer named Colin Pritchard.

This is a list of the names of the people who have labelled the innocent man a paedophile, as a direct result of Lancashire police FAILING in their duty.

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  1. Its truly horrifying that a person’s life can be so torturous by the deliberate acts of others who set out to destroy them. Perhaps of more concern is the culpable acts of those professional bodies who have a Duty of Care towards us. What really concerns me is just how ineffective our systems are to redress this. Meanwhile lives are being destroyed..

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