Should police complaint handlers face misconduct proceedings for knowingly hindering a police complaint?

Many who have had the misfortune to bring a police complaint will be all too familiar with the apparent common practice that the complaint handler takes a biased approach to their police colleague.

Police are Crown servants, and that makes them public servants, i.e. they are paid by the public, to protect the Crown and the public.  So, when a complaint is brought by a member of the public, it should be a public body that investigates the police, not the police themselves.

However, it is what it is, the police complaints process is set out in the (often abused) Police (Complaints and Misconduct) Regulations 2020.

The fact remains that, when police are tasked to investigate themselves, they must be impartial and as per any police investigation, it must be conducted reasonably and proportionately.

Detective Inspector Richard Stott of Cambridgeshire police.

DI Stott was assigned as the complaint handler for a complaint I brought against DC Patrick, DI Stott was expected to be impartial and was expected to conduct a reasonable and proportionate investigation. What DI Stott did was ‘skim over‘ the complaint, find DC Patrick did nothing wrong, and then close the complaint.

DI Stott would know, or ought to know, that he has a legal obligation to do his job are expected (and paid by the public)  and he must investigate complaints correctly, yet he intentionally failed this simple task.

If any police officer intentionally fails to do their job correctly, they should face disciplinary proceedings and if necessary, be dismissed.

Due to glaring failures with how DI Stott investigated my complaint, I have brought a complaint against him, a complaint which I will pursue as misconduct in public office and I hope this sets a precedent for all police officers who intentionally abuse their public paid positions.  We will pursue complaints against you to the High Court if necessary.

Complaint against DI Stott

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  1. Brilliant. Have the same problem myself with a Ms xxxx, Cambs, as part of a major complaint at Scambs.
    Well done. Thank you.

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