“Sort out your life,” Herefordshire police officer tells YouTube videographer

A HEREFORDSHIRE policeman has been “spoken to” about his behaviour after a video was shot outside Hereford police station.

But while admitting that he fell below the standards expected, a senior officer has warned that filming around force buildings raised “security and safety considerations”.

The video shows a man videoing outside and looking into the car park of the station in Gaol Street.

A police officer who was not wearing a uniform then stops in a car and asks why the man is taking pictures of police vehicles.

The officer tells the man he cannot take pictures of the police vehicles and directs him to the police station office.

“Don’t stand outside the police station looking for confrontation,” the officer says.

“Move along and stop taking photographs of people’s cars.”

After the man taking the video swears at the officer he gets out and threatens to arrest the man for a public order offence.

The officer demands that the man videoing puts his phone down.

The police officer says: “Whatever is going on in your life there is a bit of a chip on your shoulder.

“Sort it out yourself and sort out your life, and then we can walk away and get on with our jobs.

“We have got proper criminals to catch, not people like yourself.”

The man videoing tells the officer to walk away.

The officer responds: “You’re being an absolute idiot about it.”

Further police officers then arrive.

The man says he was taking pictures of the police cars for his “photography website” but he refuses to give his name or details.

The police officer adds: “What a joke you are.”

The videographer then agrees to move away from the police station.

The first video has been seen more than 44,400 times on YouTube and has received more than 2,000 comments.

A second Youtube video was filmed later the same day near Leominster Police Station.

The video taken by the same videographer being approached by the same police officer, again not wearing a uniform.

The videographer says that it was the second time in the same day he has videoed the officer.

The videographer says to the police officer: “Don’t use your terrorism card!”

In response the police officer asks why the man has mentioned terrorism.

He gets out of his vehicle and says: “Shut up and listen!

“Shut your gob! Stop mouthing off all the time you’re not always right. fella.

“Because you have just mentioned the Terrorism Act you are doing something around the Terrorism Act, so I am asking you for your details so I can check you out.”

The videographer refuses to give his details, despite the officer threatening to arrest him before the video ends.

In response to the video Hereforshire police commander Superintendent Edd Williams said: “We’re aware of two videos circulating on social media filmed at Leominster and Hereford police stations showing our officers engaging with a man who was filming in a public place, outside the police station.

“Whilst anyone can legally film in a public place there are security and safety considerations around filming police buildings.

“Our officers are trained to measure the threat, harm and risk of incidents and act accordingly, and where necessary will challenge individuals.

“However, while it is only right that officers do challenge individuals this should be done in a friendly, professional and appropriate manner.

“We recognise the behaviour of one officer in the videos is not to the standard we would expect when engaging with the public and have spoken to the officer about this.

“Our officers will continue to be proactive in addressing security concerns in and around police premises, which is as much about protecting the public as it is our own workforce.”


  1. Cop gave good advice. Clearly anyone who does around with a camera like that needs sort out his life. Cop was trying to help I expect.

  2. It i either wholly illegal or legal. If the latter, the cops should grow up and il fail to take the bait! Hereford officer was like a bull at a gate.

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