Superintendent Eddie Thistlethwaite admits wrongdoing by Lancs Police

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During one of a few meetings with Superintendent Thistlethwaite, he confirmed that Lancashire Police had failed us and that they should have arrested Paul Turner, the police informer that they had protected. Paul Tuner spread malicious comments calling me a paedophile and Lancashire police protected him.

Thistlethwaite the evil shit, has now tried to ‘buy us off‘ with a restorative justice. Haha, he really thinks we are stupid.  He kept making references how the Northern Ireland issues all died down via this RJ process so it should work for us.  WRONG.  This does not end until justice is served.  The crimes committed by Turner are indictable and until a time as he has been acquitted of any wrongdoing he can and should still be charged.  But you will not do that will you because this slimy snitch has a can of worms to open on Lancashire Police.

There are many other things that were said in these meeting, all now revealed.  We gave our word we would not speak out without giving good old Eddie ‘the bullshitter’ Thistlethwaite a chance to rectify what Lancashire Constabulary fucked up, well, we gave you a chance and you blew it.

Now, as per his agreement, all is revealed.


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