Superintendent Steve Quinn dismissed for Gross Misconduct


A Warwickshire Police officer has been dismissed for Gross Misconduct.

Following a misconduct hearing chaired by independent legally qualified chair Mr Colin Phillips that ran over a number of sittings between the 16th March to the 3rd September, Superintendent Steve Quinn was dismissed with immediate effect.

The hearing found the behaviour of former Superintendent Steve Quinn fell below the Standards of Professional Behaviour in relation to honesty and integrity; discreditable conduct; and authority respect and courtesy. The Panel found four allegations of Gross Misconduct proved and three allegations amounting to Misconduct.

NB The independent legally qualified chair has ruled that no further information can be released by Warwickshire Police in relation to this matter.

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  1. Ask Warwickshire Police about DI Jacqueline McBrearty and her gross misconduct finding which they have covered up (but she kept her job) she lied and claimed expenses also ask about T/DS Walker and her gross misconduct (which they have covered up)finding but once again kept her job until she used a blue badge (not belonging to her) to park outside the Police Station in Leamington, also ask Warwickshire Police about ex DC Nicola Burley who formed a sexual relationship with a sex offender she was managing and her line managers namely DI Ruby Nailor was aware of…she is now under Investigation for that. In addition it is known DI Nailor rubbed a seniir officers leg a number of times under a table in a force meeting, but nothing is being done which has left the majority of our force in disbelief. Warwickshire Police have a problem but have made a good Superintendent a scapegoat even though he did wrong.


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