Support a private prosecution against the police

Watch this video from Crimebodge and make a donation if you can.




  1. I wish you every success on this .Having complained twice over the years regarding two corrupt police in Hampshire – I totally understand the uphill struggle . The Professional Standards office should be re-named …The Professional Cover Up Office – for that is all they do !
    People – Read the 2015 article by the SPECTATOR on police corruption .It is 7 pages of FACTS . In it they state, ‘ the police are in danger of becoming ROTTEN’ , their words NOT MINE . That in my view is a GROSS UNDERSTATEMENT . Sadly even our MP’s show NO INTEREST in doing anything about it , which is a disgrace .
    In the last 20 years there have been tween 450 and 600 premature deaths at our local WAR MEMORIAL HOSPITAL – LARGELY CAUSED THROUGH A DOCTOR prescribing unnescessary drugs to basically, recovering patients. TWO DECADES LATER AND THREE POLICE INVESTIGATIONS -AND NOTHING. The police failed I believe as they didn’t want to show the ineptitude/incompetence/ cover ups by their collegues in Hampshire .The police are clearly not fit for purpose , corruption is RIFE …..ANY WONDER THE GANGSTERS CALL THEM ….THE FILTH !!!


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