Supt Mark Winstanley blocks a crime victim from reporting crimes

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How strange, after reporting a number of genuine incidents to Lancashire police they have completely shut me down and put a communication block in place.  I wonder why that is?

The obvious answer is that the offences are being committed by people who are involved, by their own admission, in a police task force call Operation Malaya (article soon to be published)

It is common knowledge that Lancashire police were found to have maliciously prosecuted me, paying £35,000 in compensation and a letter of apology from the Chief Constable.   This 5 years of shit was caused by police protecting a police informant called Paul Turner from Skelmersdale.

Rather than prosecute the Police Informant for threatening to kill my wife and children, or spreading malicious comments all over the internet about me, police decided he was too valuable too them, after all, he supplied all the information they required to convict Colin Pritchard.

Turner openly gloated that he used to work for Colin Pritchard in his drug empire but decided that he wanted to ‘rid the streets of skem of scum” (Turners words), so he turned Police Informant with the help of DS Sean Cloherty (worked in Special branch) and also Inspector Damian Barrow who, by his own admission on his (now deleted) LinkedIn account, works with Covert Assets and it was Damian Barrow who paid my wife and I a visit…

So, police decided to defend Turner and try to make me go away.

Ironically, this blockage of police communication was done by Supt Mark Winstanley.  This is the same cop that failed to bring charges against the people posting a confidential witness statement of mine online.  This confidential witness statement was published by two people who have confirmed their compliance in the task force called Operation Malaya, setup by Lancashire police to frame me.

Why Operation Malaya you may ask?

Because I published factual information that Lancashire police are protecting a police informant called Paul Turner from Skelmersdale who has threatened to kill my wife and children!

Paul Turner published details of my 13 year old son on the internet, information gained from his police handler DS Andy Langton.  DS Andy Langton of CID who was supposedly assigned to help us,  turned out to be Paul Turner’s handler (an officer assigned to protect a police informant) .  We discovered this after finding out the DS Langton and Paul Tuner were in direct communication with each other and that DS Langton tried to claim I harassed him at a time when he was supposed to be investigating Paul Turner.

After a complaint against DS Langton, (not upheld by Lancashire Police, but upheld by the IOPC) The IOPC said DS Langton should have a misconduct meeting for his serious conduct against a child, but Lancashire police refused to take an action against him…  Lancashire police point blank refused to hold him to account, I wonder why.

A civil claim is in progress regarding this which will make public lots more information about Lancashire police protecting their Informants from prosecution.


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