Suspected Humberside police staff leaving Hessle Road police station (Hull) using mobile phone.

This is a video that has been brought to our attention, showing a suspected Humberside police officer or police staff driving his vehicle out of the police compound and onto a public highway.

The driver continued to use his phone even after a man standing at the side of the road recorded him.

Within the car, you can clearly see the driver using his phone below the steering wheel which would indicate he knew he was doing wrong.

When the window was opened, the driver was told by the man that it is an offence to use a phone while driving.

The driver replied, “that is why I’ve stopped”

The man said, “yes, but you were moving

to which the driver said, “well I have stopped now, I ‘ve put it away and I am going now

The man said “you were in control of the moving vehicle” and the driver apologised, trying to mitigate the usage by saying “I was just checking….

Wonder if he would have tried the same excuse if he had knocked over and killed a child!

The matter has been reported to Humberside police and they have been asked for their comments.


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