Telephone recording of West Midlands Police talking about crime victim

A disturbing audio recording has been heard where a victim of crime phoned West Midlands police for an update on a reported crime.

The Officer (Police Staff Lisa Jevons 59096) answered the phone in the Force CID office and simply assumed that the victim was a ‘police officer’ from the police force area where the victim lives.

59096 Lisa Jevons then continued to tell the victim exactly what police though of him, blurted out personal data about two individuals.

The victim who had suffered an arson attack in March 2017 which was covered by BBC Crimewatch, was told by 59096 Lisa Jevons that he was on TV complaining


This is a victim of a serious arson attack having to relive the attack over and over, 59096 Lisa Jevons says the victim was on TV ‘complaining‘!

59096 Lisa Jevons then told the victim that his problems will only end when either he or his attacker DIES!

His attacker has already pleaded guilty to attacking the victim and received a criminal conviction and restraining order.

The victim was reporting the same attacker for breaching his restraining order which, the day AFTER this recorded call, the victim was told, the attacker was being charged!

Even so, the victim was called HORRIBLE & VILE by Lisa Jevons and she even laughed when she heard that the victim had reported another crime committed by his convicted attacker.

The audio has not been published (yetand may not be, this depends on how the Police deal with this and other matters).

It is being reviewed by the victims Solicitors.  The Police have been informed and a copy provided to them via a private YouTube link.

UPDATE: 26/4/2018: Police have now made contact with the victim.  An apology was offered!

UPDATE 27/4/2018: West Midlands PSD contacted the victim, again apologising.

UPDATE 28/4/2018: Letter from West Midlands police saying NFA to another matter. (this will be made public soon)


Certain terms were offered to Police.  It would appear that, as disgusting as Lisa Jevons comments are, West Midlands Police are now going to use her as a scapegoat..!

The comments by Lisa Jevons made it crystal clear that what she said was the ‘opinion’ of all within West Midlands Force CID,  yet West Midlands PSD were keen to distance themselves from Lisa Jevons and emphasise this was only the ‘individuals’ opinion (bullshit).

Further evidence of another recorded phone call was provided to PSD relating to a Detective Sergeant (name withheld for now).  This shows that the hatred is prevalent within West Midlands Force CID.

This hatred will no doubt have some bearing on the lack of action on a previous criminal act that West Midlands CID said was ‘not in the public interest‘ yet related to the same person they have now CHARGED (…but only after the call was brought to their attention).


  1. wow. can you imagine her face when she realised it wasn’t another officer she was talking to!!
    I can see now why huge amount of reported crimes don’t get followed up!

    • Exactly, she needs to be SACKED and made an example of. This is not just her though, she was just the thick bitch to get caught. And this is supposed to be CID…ffs, we are all doomed

  2. I am not Brandon Scott or Darren Hogan. Why have the officer sacked she only expressed opinion of you being vile. I’ve heard you call ppl vile scum and I think your vile from that video that’s doing the rounds with you shouting homophobic comments to someone. Why is your wife making videos now calling people out and slagging them off.
    You are a special kind of stupid and wonder why things don’t go your way.
    I can see why folk do things against you, its called karma

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