The Any Ways and Means Act 2021


An Act to make further provision in relation to the powers and duties of the police, to provide an excuse to any police constable to create a means to arrest and detain a person when no other lawful means exists.  

The power of a constable to generate any means to arrest a person to achieve an otherwise unlawful aim.

(1) A constable may exercise any power conferred by this section—

(a) in any place when he proposes to exercise the power when a member (or members) of the public have limited knowledge of the law or their rights and have no witnesses present or witnesses revoked, and;

(b) at any time the constable sees fit to exercise this right including within a private dwelling that the constable has no lawful duty.

(2) Subject to subsection (3) below —

(a) a constable may —

(i) fabricate evidence;
(ii) falsify statements;
(iii) disable body worn video;
(iv) conspire with colleagues for the greater good;
(v) assault members of the public;

(vi) Use unreasonable force.

So longs as the purpose in doing so is for the intention of the Act which is to make an arrest by any way or means possible.

Constables are prohibited from engaging with any reasonable members of the public during exercising this Act.  Any witness to the use of this Act can be unlawfully apprehended and evidence such as camera or phone recordings seized and destroyed to protect the integrity of the constable.  The constable has a right to fabricate any reason for the destruction of such evidence.  The integrity of the constable must be preserved under the same Act by any way or means.


(3) under any circumstance that a member of the public witnesses the use of this Act alleging unlawful actions, and bringing the allegations to the attention of the professional standards department (PSD) of the force in question;

(a) PSD may;

(i) Refuse to record the complaint suggesting it is an abuse of the complaint system, or
(ii) asses the complaint and inappropriately assign the appropriate authority to be the Crime Commissioner, or
(iii)  record the complaint followed by taking no further action, and
(iv) prevent the civilian from further use of the complaint system.

PSD have at all material times absolute authority to self regulate themselves and investigate themselves with the sole intention of preserving the integrity of the police force they represent.  The underlying objective of the Act may be used in any way, including a circular fashion by PSD to adhere to the objects of The Any Ways and Means Act 2021.  The Any Ways and Means Act 2021 can be used to enforce the The Any Ways and Means Act 2021.


The Any Ways and Means Act 2021 was introduced on Friday, 14th May 2021.

The Act did not get Royal assent but got masonic approval and full agreement of Chief Constables.

Please feel free to comment below, suggestions for revisions to this Act are encouraged 

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