The Guardian newspaper supports RAPIST ex police officer

A disturbing article has been published by the Guardian reporter, Daniel Taylor.

The article is in full support of alleged rapist, Andy Woodward who has undoubtedly had his own troubled past.  However, this does not mitigate the fact that Andy Woodward was a Lancashire police officer and was sacked due to allegations of rape.  I say ‘allegations‘ as there are too many snowflakes who cry when they read the truth, but look at the police report here.  This confirms Andy Woodward was indeed sacked from Lancashire police and was under investigation for rape.

Daniel Taylor of the Guardian seem to have ‘accidentally’ left out of there story some glaring facts

FACT 1:  Andy Woodward is a sacked police officer.  Sacked for inappropriate sexual activity with victim of crime.

FACT 2: John Halliday of the Guardian was in contact with the rape victim.  He was tasked to take her statement for a story the Guardian was going to publish.  This shows that the Guardian are fully aware of the police dismissal and the rape allegations.

FACT 3: Andy Woodward was fully aware of this ‘looming’ story.  With impeccable timing, he went public with his own story.  This flooded the media into a frenzy.

FACT 4: Daniel Taylor of the Guardian jumped on this story. He was aware of the rape allegations and the fact Andy Woodward was a disgrace police officer but ignored all this and turned a rapist into some sort of hero!

FACT 5: The Guardian decided to run Andy Woodward’s story and turned a blind eye to the rape victim.  The guardian therefor support a rapist.

These are facts.  Evidence of communication date stamped between the victim and the Guardian will be published soon.  The victim is prepared to speak to any main stream media, please contact us at this website and we will put you in direct contact.

Many will know we are in touch with the rape victim who has praised the ability for her to publish her side on this website.

It is disgusting how almost no mainstream media will report on this. This show how the news cannot be trusted.

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