The Horrors of Hendon police college – Lesson guide

The foundation of any good police officer is the quality of basic training they receive

Hendon police college is the principal training centre for the Metropolitan Police Service and as you would expect, sets the standard of modern-day policing…

If you believe that, you may well be mistaken!

We receive lots of information from police whistleblowers.  The following information has been provided to us in good faith and our source is verified.  It relates to incidents at Hendon police college alleged to have taken place between March 2020 and the present day.

Lesson 1: Cheating

It has been alleged that a student named Amber Bryant was caught with photographs on her phone of a police exam paper.

Amber Bryant was questioned regarding this incident, and it was said that she had lied.  In the following extract from her file, her supervisor had documented the following;

“We now have a situation where this officer has cheated and has then lied. That for me is the most serious of breaches of standards. Honesty and integrity. I have spoken to the officer today and she has freely admitted taking the pictures. She also admitted that she knew it was wrong. That she was sorry. She stated that they were for revision purposes only and that she had not forwarded them on.”

A discussion took place with the Senior Leadership Team and the Directorate of Professional Standards where a ‘decision’ was made that she should be ‘back classed’ on a knowledge unpreparedness basis.

It is therefore alleged that Amber Bryant was shown to be dishonest and attempted to cheat at the very beginning of her career but was allowed to remain as a police officer.


Lesson 2: Exaggeration and lies… for beginners

A student named Connor Flower allegedly told his fellow students that he was involved in an incident at the weekend with a shoplifter whilst he was off duty.

Connor Flower claimed that he had been shopping with his partner at a store called Rooms when he heard a commotion involving another male and that Connor witnessed this male trying to steal perfume.

Connor’s account changed when he was questioned by a Hendon police college tutor.

Connor had initially stated that he had gotten involved and used a gooseneck hold on him, by later changing his version of events to that he just grabbed him.

He also said that the male had attempted to hit him, but that account changed to “the male lashed out at various people” and he happened to be in the way.

The Hendon police college tutor asked Connor various questions about his account after which, Connor Flowers allegedly admitted that “he had made it all up”.

His excuse was that he often gets “confused with himself”, and to make friends he exaggerates and lies.

Lesson 3: Racial profiling

A student by the name of Katarzyna Gaszewska was alleged to have made racially offensive comments during her training at Hendon police college.

She saw a black officer jumping down some stairs and was allegedly heard to have said “that is why they are called monkeys“.

The student who heard the offensive comment reported the incident.

A further allegation against Katarzyna Gaszewska was that she was caught having sex in the shower with another student during her stay at Hendon police college.

Neither of these allegations was logged on her file by the MSC and they allegedly swept it under the carpet by giving her “words of advice“.

Lesson 4: You are above the law

We have been told that the Commissioner, Cressida Dick.  came to visit Hendon police college during the first lockdown.

Superintendent Ray Rogers
Superintendent Ray Rogers

Prior to Dick’s arrival, her Chief Superintendent arrived sometime earlier and met with Hendon’s Superintendent Ray Rogers.

An officer who was an ex-hairdresser was allegedly told to cut their hair in one of the Hendon police college offices before the Commissioner arrived so that they ‘looked smart’. (Editor: aww cute, see other articles of police needing haircuts)

It is alleged that Mr Rogers did this on numerous occasions during the lockdown and against government guidelines.

Lesson 5: Sexual abuse privileges for the police

The same Mr Roy Rogers and a Police Sgt colleague of his, who are both members of the LGBT,  held a Microsoft Teams call (similar to a zoom call) with a class of students.

It has been reported that they had inadvertently forgotten to turn their microphone off and is alleged that they proceeded to have a graphic sexual conversation about what they would do to some of the male members of the class.

This was apparently heard by all the students.

Several students complained about this incident and Mr Ray Rogers was made to apologise to them.

It is alleged that Mr Rogers, who attended Leyton County High School for Boys between 1958 & 1963, has a previous record for making sexually suggestive comments about male colleagues.

It is not known if Ray Rogers was questioned under caution for Sexual Harassment or underwent a misconduct hearing for any of these matters.

Lesson 6: The Theft Act 1968

Further allegations made against Mr Ray Rogers are that he purchased boots for his non Police friends using the Metropolitan Police credit card and that he had also given away Met Police issue rucksacks to his friends.

It is unknown if Mr Ray Rogers was interviewed under caution for this allegation.

Lesson 7: How to please a woman

It is alleged that a trainer at Hendon named Patrick Walker, wrote a book about “the best place to go to get a prostitute“.

A complaint was also allegedly made about Patrick Walker, where he told a class of his at Hendon police college, that they “needed to shine their boots as if they are pleasuring a woman“.  It was alleged that Patrick Walker then performed an ‘action’ of doing this.


Hendon police college has been asked for their comment.

The response received was (from


Regarding the below query, can you send us a specific question you want to ask rather than a link to an article?


To which we replied

Hi Callum

As the article is based on alleged facts and criticism, I have provided you with a link to the said article and offered a right of reply.

If you are unsure of this concept, I refer you to the ‘right of reply’ on the BBC Website.

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Article by Paul Ponting

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  1. Are you aware that the met police professional standards are investigating this? They are not investigating the misconduct of the police but trying to uncover the whistleblower!. Apparently they are trying to stop the truth rather than stop the misconduct. Keep exposing them x

  2. If this what happens in training its no surprise the poor quality of the officers out policing the streets.This is a very busy web page. No shortage of material! Disgusting behaviour and yet another example of more waste of public funds. Rotten to the core!

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