This article was removed due to court order


Lancashire police did not like this article so they used almost £40,000 of taxpayers money to take the editor of this article to court, to seek a court order gagging any articles from being published about Lancashire police officers on this and any other website!

They also sought an order to have all previous articles removed.

One such article was about a disgraced Lancashire police officer who divulged private a sensitive data about a 13-year-old child to a ‘police informant‘ named Paul Turner from Skelmersdale.  Turner then published this information about a 13-year-old child on the internet.

The IOPC even said this disgraced officer should face a disciplinary panel, but Lancashire police protected him and refused to hold him to account!  Ironically, Lancashire police have now made a substantial financial settlement for this serious data breach!

Then there is the Lancashire police officer that raped a young woman.  Even Lancashire police brought the trape charges, yet, now, Lancashire police want to protect this rapist cop from the public.

The judge responsible for the gagging order was, in fact, a QC Barrister name David Knifton who is a part-time judge and current full time fee earning barrister, one of his paying clients, is the police.  So the police have been his ‘paying clients’.  No wonder his sided with them!

David Knifton has been reported to the Barr association and the Judicial Conduct board for his actions.

David Knifton has made what is believed to be an order that is a Breach of Article 10 of the Human Rights Act!  Freedom of Expression!

David Knifton also raised questions about Freemasons?

This topic seemed to have David Knifton ‘agitated?’,  yet there was NOTHING in the hearing about Freemasons.

Maybe David Knifton is a Freemason and is disgruntled at the posts on this website?  All written under Freedom of Expression.  It is believed that David Knifton abused his powers to punish the editor for ‘daring to speak out’.

Maybe David Knifton is in the same Masonic Lodge as some Lancashire police officers, maybe even the Chief Constable?

Lancashire police are so scared of the truth, they used YOUR MONEY to gag this website.



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