TikTok cop gets final warning

A Northamptonshire Police officer has been given a final written warning after posting a series of TikToks which included references to drug dealers and playing songs which used the n-word.

PC Aaron Parry faced a gross misconduct hearing which reviewed four allegations – including a series of TikTok posts made between January and April 2020.

He said that there was ‘no malice in his actions’ but admitted to all the offences and had agreed that they amounted to gross misconduct.

PC Parry was given a final written warning which will remain in place for two years.

The first allegation was relating to a number of posts which were likely to identify himself and his colleagues as members of Northamptonshire Police.

Post showed himself while on duty and colleagues dancing in police uniform.

He also published a video of him while on a police bicycle while on duty.

The second allegation regarded a specific post which was made on March 4, where PC Parry videoed an unidentified man driving a car, alongside a song by artist Slowthai.

He posted the caption ‘Drug Dealaaaarrrr’ as well as tagging the video with ‘drug dealer’ and the lyrics of the song said, ‘drug dealer, I wear Nike, not Fila’.

According to the report, the third allegation was regarding a post on March 11 which included inappropriate and offensive content which was in reference to the race of a man he had arrested.

The posts including a number of captions including ‘When you’ve got an illegal immigrant in the car’, ‘infected’ and ‘FromIraq’.

There were also referenced to the coronavirus pandemic, with the captions, ‘And we got nomasks’, ‘£coronavirus’ and ‘itscoronatime’.

The TikTok also featured the song Corona Time.

Board members also heard the final allegation which was regarding a post which took place on April 3 where PC Aaron Parry was seen with a female colleague in a police vehicle.

The video was underlined by music by rapper SAINt JHN which included the lyrics ‘I might pull up flexing on these n***** like aerobics’.

During the hearing, the office said that there was ‘no malice in his actions’.

He also apologised to two individual complainants as well as the people of Northamptonshire.

PC Parry had admitted to all the offences and had agreed that they amounted to gross misconduct.

Following discussions, the board decided to give the officer a final written warning, which will remain in place for two years.

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