This is what happens when police protect their own BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS

To all UK Police

This is what happens when you protect your colleagues, time to stop abusing your power and do your fucking job.

When you ignore wrongdoing by other police officers, you are encouraging unlawful behaviour. This puts the public in danger and Sarah Everard paid the ultimate price.

Any police officer that has turned a blind eye, or covered for another police officer has BLOOD on their hands.


R.I.P Sarah Everard

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  1. His nickname from his police colleagues was “the rapist” having attacked two women before. We’re supposed to belive this was his first time. At 48 he suddenly decided to do this. He drove his wife and kids to the murder spot afterwards so he’d have an explanation why Tyre tracks and mud at the scene matched. He used his police belt to murder her.

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