Vicious Hate Crime Refused to be recorded by Lancs Police

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Lancashire Police have refused to record a hate crime reported to them by the victim, because the victim does not want the statement to be recorded on CCTV or Police body cam.

The hate crimes include the victim being called, Gay, a Faggot, a Shirt Lifter, a Cock Jockey.

The victim was then publicly called a Paedophile and a Kiddy fiddler by the two online attackers.  Ironically, both attackers are martial Arts instructors who teach kids about standing up to bullies.

Lancashire Police after a 999 call refused to assist the victim, even though the two attackers where posting, there and then their malicious comments that will have a detrimental on the safety of the victim.  Lancashire Police are more concerned about cctv rather than victim safety.

The victim has reported previously to Police incidents where CCTV was deleted by Police as it suited thier needs,detrimental to the victim.  The Police have also provided sensitive information about the victim to another internet troll which the troll published online  (read this here).  This is why the victim os not prepared to give anything other than the absolute minimum to the police to do their job

Police have received ALL screenshots of the reported crimes. They have full details of what happened but still insist on a camera in the victims face.  He has refused and will not allow this so the Police say the crime will not be recorded.

The victims wife decided to go to the Police station and report the crimes.  A Police officer (who will be named soon), told the Victims wife she was NOT allowed to report hate crime unless she was the victim.  This is WRONG information and believed to be intentional to force the victim to the Police station and be recorded.

Taken from the Citizen Advice website
“If you’ve experienced, or know someone who has experienced, a hate incident or hate crime you can report it to the police.

The Police either DO NOT know the law, or are intentionally blocking this family from Justice.


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